Moto helmet HJC: features, owner reviews

Many fans of two-wheeled transport, choosingquality equipment, stop the choice of products brand HJC. A lot has been said about the importance of protecting the head, back, legs and other parts of the body. But a high price is not always the equivalent of quality, as among relatively inexpensive goods, there are often excellent options. Helmet HJC - this is just such a case. In our review, we will consider its features, advantages and characteristics.

Popular Models

The manufacturer is currently releasingseveral helmet models, most of which are integral. Feedback from representatives of the motorcycle community allows us to talk about two indisputable favorites in the model line: helmets RPHA, IS-17 and ST-14. They have the same concept, but differ in design. Each of the models is often found among representatives of a variety of directions and driving styles.

helmet hjc

Features of the structure

Having tried the helmet HJC for the first time, many celebratecomfort of landing on the head. The manufacturer has issued an internal space with an antibacterial membrane, which can be removed for cleaning if necessary. A helmet made of polycarbonate can not be compared with a more expensive carbon fiber, but its weight is relatively small - up to one and a half kilograms.


Each HJC helmet is equipped with a glass with a very good view. The size is wider than most competitors. The pilot does not have to turn his head around while moving.

Many owners speak very well aboutan additional visor built into the helmet. It is made of darkened material and perfectly protects from the sun. Push the sun visor onto your eyes and put it back into the helmet case by pressing one button.


More expensive analogs, of course, overtake the helmet of HJCon this indicator, but nevertheless it perfectly filters noise. In this case, most owners note that there is no complete stunning, isolating from the situation. The sounds just stop being too loud, but they are audible. And for the analysis of the situation on the road this is vitally important.

helmet hjc reviews

Comfort of the pilot

Helmet HJC, reviews about which can help a potential buyer, is designed for the average person. You can adjust the landing with one hand.

For comfort while driving, a ventilation system is provided, which can also be adjusted "for yourself".

Summing up, it can be noted that the popularity of helmets of this brand is due to a combination of decent quality and a very loyal price tag.

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