Enduro Helm: Design Features

Each motorcyclist has his own concept of enduro. What should be protective equipment and style of behavior is a personal matter for everyone. But now we are talking about a special helmet designed for driving in conditions of hard off-road, or rather about what a typical enduro helmet should be.


This is an essential part and an integral partwardrobe of every self-respecting motorcyclist. Without a helmet, only kamikaze can ride. All other fans of extreme know what can end such "pokatushki."

Options for protective equipment can be a greatset: there are quite ordinary helmets that do not have distinctive signs and special adaptations, there are original versions that perform not only a protective, but also a decorative function. And there is a special enduro helmet designed for extreme driving.

enduro helmet

Distinctive features of enduro

Before delving into the peculiarities of the crosshelmet, it is worthwhile to understand what the driving conditions in the enduro style differ by. Jumping over obstacles, climbing steep hills and descents from a mountainous area, overcoming a sandy road, shooting along a very slippery road and forest slides ... And that's not all the sights of extreme off-road driving. Needless to say, how strong should be protective equipment?

So, the enduro helmet must be made ofthe most durable material. Stitches and joints should not cause even the slightest doubt. The visor is an important detail that protects the pilot's face from dirt and sunlight. The extended lower part is protection at possible face impacts.

A bit of history

The modern enduro helmet is the resulta fairly long evolution, which had to survive the first model. Helmets changed literally "on the move", adapting to not quite normal driving conditions.

enduro helmet with visor

It all started with an uncommon model, which inCurrently called an open helmet ¾. It was a universal helmet, which was used on public roads and on racing tracks. But very soon appeared visor, which performed several functions at once:

  1. Protection from dirt flying from under the wheels of an opponent.
  2. Protection from sunlight.
  3. Protection from clods of dirt flying from under their own wheels.

In addition, a cross-enduro helmet equipped withvisor, less polluted in bad weather conditions. Do not forget that the track can go through a wooded area, where there are foliage and tree branches.

helmet for enduro choose

How did the "jaw"

The lower "jaw" of the helmet stretched forward ismount for cross-over glasses and protection in case of possible falling. Initially, it was quite an ordinary plastic mask, which was attached to the glasses. Over time, the "jaw" has become much more and is no longer a removable mechanism - now it is an integral part of the cross helmet.

The enduro helmet with a visor is also often used for stuntraining, as it provides sufficient visibility, has a relatively low weight, and also does not interfere with vigorous breathing.

helmet cross enduro

Optimal choice of a cross helmet

Enduro is not just a special driving style. As bikers say, sooner or later everyone will be in this saddle. This is a special store of character and way of life. "Endurovtsy" are not afraid of falls and difficult routes, quite the opposite - the more difficult the obstacle on the way, the more readily turns the handle of the gas. And this means that the pilot must take care of his safety and first of all buy a helmet for the enduro. Choose the best option is easy. It is enough only to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Correctly matched size. Extreme conditions are constant jumps and activity, so the helmet should ideally sit on the pilot's head, without causing uncomfortable sensations.
  • With or without a visor? Here, everyone chooses the most optimal and suitable option. Someone prefers to use individual glasses that are attached to the "jaw", and someone prefers the enduro helmet with the visor.
  • The anchorage straps should be securely fixed, their strength should be checked before buying, and not in practice.
  • It is advisable to choose a model with a movable visor and immediately check the serviceability of the mechanism - it should easily slide out and slide back.

In modern models, the enduro helmet is completedmatte film. It is desirable to immediately glue it on the inner surface of the visor. This accessory is designed so that the surface of the visor does not glare in sunny weather.

The enduro helmet is the safety of the pilot under extreme driving conditions.

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