Characteristics and advantages of the car ZIL 4331

ZiL-4331 is a truck with a diesel engine. In the 70s of the twentieth century in the Soviet Union, the government decided to produce trucks that operate on diesel fuel.

Two plants - ZIL and KAMAZ - were scheduled for the implementation of this program.

In 1981, based on the car ZIL-169 was built a new model of the car with the index ZIL 4331.

ZIL 4331

In the new product used original bumpershape, it has headlights and front lights. Executed a three-dimensional shell radiator, which took up the entire width of the plumage, and the plumage itself was shortened. The material for the cladding was taken light plastic ABC. Decreased the weight of the vehicle. In 1985, the serial production of this car model ZIL 4331 began.

The diesel is equipped with a synchronized boxtransmission, which has nine switching speeds. The wings, hood, radiator lining are assembled in one unit for convenient servicing of the power unit, it reclines on hinges. The seat in a comfortable cabin moves on the springs in three directions. The body is made of metal and has an integral construction. The carrying capacity of the machine is 6 tons, the speed being developed is up to 95 kilometers per hour, from 18 to 23 liters of fuel for a truck without a trailer and 16 to 31 liters with a trailer are consumed per 100 kilometers.

In 1992, the most visible model appearedcar with a separate module for sleeping two people. On the roof there is a drag-dropper (a viewing glass), under the bumper there are side fairings and a "skirt". The engine with a working volume of 9.55 liters, capacity of 200 horsepower.

Subsequent upgrades were associated with the rearrangement of cabs of new models of cars on the old chassis.

ZiL 4331 - technical characteristics:

ZiL 4331 - specifications

- The length of the machine is 7700 mm.

- The width of the body is 2500 mm.

- The height is 2656 mm.

- The engine is diesel.

- Engine power - 185 hp

- The weight of the machine is 11145 kg.

- Carrying capacity - 6000 kg.

- The box has 9 gear stages.

- Brakes - front and rear.

- The developed speed is up to 95 km / h.

- Fuel consumption per 100 km of track - 18-23 liters.

Advantages of ZiL 4331. Description

Having a relatively low payload capacity, ZIL4331 can not compete with imported "truckers". Cars of this class perform cargo transportation for small distances and in cities. The advantage of the car is its low price.

Not expensive and spare parts for this car, and a variety of their choice is available for free.

Those who purchased a truck of this model, markone of its advantages is the ability to correct any faults in any conditions. Even at the lowest temperature of the air, the engine quickly warms up. You can store the car on the street.

ZiL 4331 - characteristics of its use

Versatility of the truck ZIL 4331,the characteristics that it has, allows it to be used in a wide variety of industries. If ISS-4531 on-board manipulator is mounted on it, then it can be used as a lifting device for transportation of package cargo and containers, for unloading at the construction site, warehouses. It does not need to use additional cranes. And all operations for loading and unloading are managed by the driver. The installation of the lift allows you to use the machine to work at height. With some additional equipment, it can be used as a fire truck.

A significant disadvantage is the rather high fuel consumption.

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