Idemitsu Oil 0W20: reviews

Quality motor oil for a long timemaintains the engine in good condition. Therefore, the choice of such consumables is best suited. The Russian market was filled with lubricants of domestic and foreign brands. One of the best foreign companies is recognized as "Idemitsu". Its lubricants meet high standards and environmental requirements.

In a particularly cold climatic zone, engine oil is used Idemitsu 0w20. It ensures the quality work of allelements of a complex mechanism. To understand what effect the presented product has on the engine, it is necessary to consider its properties and user feedback.


Engine oil Idemitsu Zepro Eco Medalist 0w20 manufactures the Japanese company Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd. This brand is known all over the world for its responsible attitude to the production and sale of products.

Idemitsu 0w20

The brand representeda quarter of the market for lubricants and fillings in Japan. Their consumables are poured into almost all cars produced in this country. On the domestic market of products, the company "Idemitsu" came out relatively recently. However, during this time, she managed to win the disposition of drivers of different categories.

Cooperation with world corporations

"Idemitsu" cooperates with the largestAmerican, European and Asian engineering corporations. Such brands as Audi, Ford, Chrysler, Ferrari, BMW, etc. cooperate with the Japanese supplier of lubricants. This confirms the high quality of products, compliance with its highest international standards.

Thanks to cooperation with the largestmachine-building corporations, the products of the Japanese brand not only meet the newest standards, but in many respects they outstrip them. It is a worthy lubricant. His popularity in our country is only gaining momentum.


Idemitsu Oil 0w20 is made entirely on a synthetic basis. When creating a formula for this tool, the latest technology was applied. Due to the special processing of the raw material, it is possible to create a lubricant of high purity. It meets all environmental standards.

It is a universal product that can beapply in the engine year-round. However, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the climatic zone in which the vehicle is operated. Presented oil is suitable for especially cold regions of our country.

Idemitsu Zepro 0w20

Synthetic base is completelyartificial material. It provides good flow characteristics even at low temperatures. Due to its special composition, the present tool is used in four-stroke engines of a new generation.


Idemitsu Eco Medalist 0w20 is created from synthetic oils, whichpass the hydrocracking procedure. This ensures a high quality of base cleaning from sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine and other harmful impurities. Thanks to this, the presented product blends well with domestic gasoline of poor quality.

Idemitsu Eco Medalist 0w20

Oily film due to its special structureresistant to mechanical stress. It does not burst, quickly covering all the elements of the mechanisms. Also due to the additive package included in the product, there is a high resistance of rubbing pairs to oxidation. The evaporation rate is at a high level. Due to this, the agent does not need to be topped up or changed for a long time.

Viscous characteristics are also found inheight. They expand the temperature range at which the present agent can be used. Experts say that the oil film on the parts does not break even at a temperature of 110 ° C. In severe frosts, due to the fluidity of the lubricant, it is possible to start the motor easily.

This is an environmentally friendly compound. It is manufactured in accordance with the newest quality standards, which came into force in 2010. Thanks to this, it is possible to minimize the negative impact of the exhaust gases on the environment.

Technical features

Idemitsu 0w20 has a list of characteristics thatprovide stable operation of the motor in various conditions. Density at a temperature of 15 ° C is 0.846 g / cm3. The flash point declared by the manufacturer is 224 ° C. This is a high figure.

Idemitsu Zepro Medalist 0w20

The viscosity of the oil at 100 ° C is8,186 units. The loss of fluidity is determined at the boundary of -50 ° C. This is a good indicator. Also, the alkali number is determined at a high level. It is 9.59 mg KOH / g.

The product is commercially available in cans 1, 4,5, 200 liters. The cost of a container with an oil of 1 liter is 690-700 rubles. Canister 4 liters has a price of 2350-2600 rub. This is quite a high cost. However, experts do not recommend saving on the quality of lubricants. Repair of the engine will cost much more.

Laboratory research

Independent technologists conducted laboratory studies Idemitsu Zepro Medalist 0w20. Based on the results of the tests, it wasconformity of the declared characteristics to the existing indicators is established. Experts say that this is an economical oil. It provides quiet operation of the motor.

Idemitsu Zepro Eco Medalist 0w20

The viscosity index reaches a record level of 232units. The alkaline number, which was established during the study, was 9.3. For an Asian product, as technologists say, this is a good indicator. Also high detergent and neutralizing oxidation qualities are noted.

The composition of the drug includes molybdenum. Thanks to him, the sulphate ash content is slightly overestimated - 1.09 units.

The cold scrolling rate was -35 ºС. This ensures a good start to the motor even in cold weather.

Expert opinion

After the research, the technologists provided reviews about Idemitsu 0w20. They note that almost all indicators,which were considered during the study, meet the established standards. The composition of the product includes a large amount of molybdenum. It has a beneficial effect on engine systems.

As additives, boron is also used. This indicates a high quality means. The sulfur content of the oil is negligible. This is also a positive characteristic of the oil. This ensures high purity of the mechanisms during the operation of the motor.

Idemitsu Oil 0w20

The oil of the Japanese manufacturer is distinguished by highindicators of stability. The engine works very quietly when used. A high alkaline number makes it completely suitable for the conditions of Russian roads. Even with overloads, the motor will operate correctly, at full power.

Application area

Idemitsu Zepro 0w20 can be used in gasoline four-strokeengines of the new generation. Synthetics is a fluid. If it is poured into the crankcase of the old motor, it will gradually flow through the microcracks. Seals also do not adhere well to metal. Leakage also occurs through them.

Idemitsu oil 0w20 reviews

If the lubricant is not applied correctly, it canto destroy the old engine oil seals. With this repair or even a complete replacement of the engine can not be avoided. Therefore, the lubrication of the Japanese brand should be used in the engines of 2004 and later.

The viscosity class corresponds to the coldestclimatic zones of our country. The engine will start without problems at a frost of -35ºС. In summer, the ambient temperature should not rise above 25 ° C. Only for the newest gasoline engines that are operated in the cold type of climate are the means provided.

Negative feedback

Reviews of Idemitsu oil 0w20 99% of cases are positive.A very small percentage of users note its inadequate quality. Such drivers argue that the price of the money is too high. Technical characteristics do not correspond to it.

Some users also say thatthe agent must often be poured into the crankcase. This can be caused by engine malfunctions. If it has a high mileage, you should take the vehicle for maintenance. If there are microcracks in the system, liquid lubricant may flow through them.

Reviews of the low quality of the lubricant of Japaneseproduction may be caused by the acquisition of unlicensed funds. In this case, the normal operation of the motor may be impaired. To avoid this, it is necessary to buy lubricants in specialized sales offices.

Do not use the oil insystems that are designed for consumables of older standards. In this case, the result of using a high-tech synthetic agent may be unsatisfactory.

Positive reviews

Virtually all drivers from many parts of our country and abroad agree that Idemitsu 0w20 is a high-quality, high-tech tool. It provides full motor operation for a long time. At the same time, you do not need to top up or change it for a long time.

When using the oil "Idemitsu" is savedhigh purity of mechanisms. Nagar, soot is not formed. It is environmentally friendly material. With proper operation and disposal there is no harm to human health and the environment.

The oil provides a quiet, smooth operation of the motor.It functions at full capacity. This reduces the level of vibration and noise. Fuel consumption is also significantly reduced. There is no wear of the friction elements of the mechanisms. Due to the good stability of the displacement, a sturdy oily film always remains on the parts. This prevents the formation of mechanical damage.

Engine oil Idemitsu 0w20 corresponds to high ecological andproduction standards. Even with the replacement of the original lubricant with similar qualities to the presented product, the performance of the motor is not reduced. On the contrary, their improvement is observed. This is a high-quality, high-tech product of the new generation.

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