Shin Toyo Proxes T1R: customer reviews

If you are a driver who loves high-speeddriving on the summer hot avtobanam, then you probably can not miss the novelty of the famous Japanese manufacturer Toyo Proxes T1R. Reviews about it filled many thematic areas, and the appearance immediately captures the look. This review is devoted to one of the most extravagant tire models of recent years. First, let's look at its purpose and basic characteristics.

The main purpose of the model

Looking at the aggressive design, you can immediately understand,that the summer tire Toyo Proxes T1R is not created for measured driving on city small streets. And in fact, the manufacturer says directly that first of all this rubber was developed for installation on cars with a very powerful engine, such as sports coupes, high-speed crossovers, premium sedans and the like.

In these tires everything is thought through to the smallest detail, so youYou can not worry about safety during high-speed trips on autobahns and highways. Rather, you have to restrain yourself, so as not to seriously violate the rules of the road with regard to the permissible speed regime.

In addition to the main task, the summer tire Toyo ProxesC1S is good at aesthetic car decoration. That is why the model is widely known among tuning studios, which establish it not only because of its excellent dynamic characteristics, but also due to its attractive appearance.

toyo proxes t1r reviews

Stage of development

This tire has become quite a serious projecteven for designers and developers with many years of experience behind them. That is why at all the stages modern computer simulation technologies were very actively used, allowing to play any situations that may arise during the movement. In this case, there is the possibility to change not only the environmental conditions, but also the engine power, as well as the type of the car, up to an accurate adjustment in accordance with one of the famous brands.

The methodology by which scientists worked, widelyIt is known in narrow circles of tire masters and has the name DSOC-T. In the process of passing the tests for Toyo Proxes T1R, the tread pattern was optimized, on the one hand, it was possible to preserve its beauty, and on the other - to maximize the dynamic characteristics. And, as can be seen from the finished result, the team of professionals succeeded.

tires toyo proxes c1s reviews


Thanks to the special structure of the protector,to achieve the greatest possible stability in the management and exchange rate stability, and they do not depend on the current condition of the roadway. Manageability is maintained even at pre-peak speeds, and the tire allows you to confidently give commands to the car, not being afraid that he can go into a skid or behave unpredictably. Reviews about Toyo Proxes T1R repeatedly confirm this fact.

The second featureaccount of a peculiar pattern, is a low level of acoustic vibrations and noise. Many drivers are familiar with the feeling that when driving an irritating hum just makes you nervous. And imagine how much stronger this effect can be at ultra-high speed. That is why the issue of eliminating noise was given special attention. However, reviews about the tires Toyo Proxes T1R indicate that some of the standard sizes did not manage to overcome the problem.

 toyo proxes t1r

Design of the tread pattern

As a basis, even at the initial stages of development,The V-shaped tread pattern is taken and subsequently supplemented with the necessary elements. For many years, a similar form of tread blocks has been used on highway tires, and it has confirmed its right to exist.

The special arrangement of blocks of a protector createsa kind of balance that allows you to achieve both high dynamic characteristics in the acceleration of the car, and reduce the braking distance when it stops. Do not forget about the exchange rate stability, which also has a special place in the form of a central band, which encircles the entire surface and serves to preserve the direction of rectilinear motion.

This form allowed to make the tire Toyo ProxesThe T1R 82V is more durable because it spreads the load evenly over the entire working surface area, thus reducing the level of abrasion, inevitable both during driving and when starting or braking abruptly.

tires toyo proxes t1r

Improved rubber compound

One of the main problems of racing and highway tiresis a high degree of heating in the process of high-speed driving. It can be avoided only with the help of certain means. Sometimes for this change the design of the tread pattern, but this can negatively affect the dynamic characteristics of the tire.

That's why the developers went the other way,modernizing the chemical composition of the rubber compound specifically for the Toyo Proxes T1R tire. As a result, it includes additional components, which due to their high cost are rarely used in other developments. We are talking about the components of the silicone compound, which allowed to significantly reduce the friction with the surface, and as a result, the heating itself.

This approach has decided not only to reducetemperature. It was thanks to him that it was possible to achieve a higher wear resistance, as the rubber, heating, begins to melt and becomes softer, which as a result adversely affects the service life and enhances the effect of abrasive wear on the working surface.

Stability during maneuvering

As we were able to find out, the central blocksprovide a reliable coupling with the surface of the route and course stability. However, during the maneuvering and during the passage of turns at high speed, the load point is significantly shifted from the center to the edge.

That is why the manufacturer was acceptedthe decision to maximally strengthen the shoulder areas of the tire Toyo Tires Proxes T1R, as well as award them with separate large tread blocks having longitudinal sipes. This allowed to distribute the load arising during the maneuver, more evenly over the entire surface, to reduce the level of wear and to protect the tire from rupture.

tires toyo proxes t1r reviews

Fighting aquaplaning

If you pay close attention to the photo ToyoProxes T1R, then you can see that the height of the tread blocks is rather small, and the depth of the slats, respectively, too. In order for rubber to cope with large volumes of water, it was decided to make the lamellas wider.

Their direction allows the most effectivedirect water from the point of contact with the road surface to the edge of the tire, from where it can be pushed out of its side by means of side blocks and slats between them. As a result, it was possible to solve an almost unsolvable problem by replacing the depth with an enlarged width.

This approach had practically no negative effect on the dynamic and braking characteristics, but it allowed to reduce the likelihood of skidding as a result of aquaplaning to a minimum.

tires toyo proxes t1r summer

Increased strength

Taking into account the specifics of cars on whichApply this model of rubber, the manufacturer had to develop a special system to increase the strength of the tire. On the one hand, it was necessary to reduce its weight as much as possible. On the other hand, the loads at start and braking are much higher than for conventional cars, which suggests a simple fact: if the tire is not strong enough, at best it will simply remove it from the disk and, at worst, it will tear.

To avoid such an outcome, the manufacturera large amount of light alloy and synthetic cord was applied, and also measures were taken to strengthen the sidewalls. This approach provided the tires Toyo Proxes C1S, reviews about which we now analyze, strength and safety, and also provided additional protection against cuts and punctures.

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Positive reviews about rubber

It's time to explore numerous reviews,left by drivers on thematic automotive resources. They will help to determine as qualitatively as possible what strengths are inherent in the model in question. Among them, in the reviews of the Toyo Proxes T1R, the following are more prominent than others:

  • Excellent handling. The tire is very fast able to react to the slightest changes in the course, and the steering wheel is well-behaved.

  • Good exchange rate stability. Rubber confidently keeps on the track even under not very favorable conditions and is able to maintain a straight line movement after overcoming small obstacles.

  • Good resistance to aquaplaning. As the users in the reviews about the tires Toyo Proxes C1S, they even often do not notice, dry asphalt or wet, as the handling remains equally good under any weather conditions.

  • Softness. Rubber is able to "swallow" small irregularities by itself, creating more comfortable sensations from the trip.

  • Balancing from the factory. Users did not come across copies that would require a lot of cargo to be centered.

  • Pleasant aesthetic appearance. This moment is important for those who want the car to be beautiful from any angle and in all details.

  • Sturdy sidewalls. Rubber Toyo Proxes T1R is well protected from damage, and small protrusions can protect against scratches and the discs themselves.

As you can see, the tires turned out to be quite high quality and generally satisfies the users' wishes. However, it also has a number of shortcomings that need to be known.

Negative aspects of the rubber in question

Among the minuses, some users in theirreviews of the Toyo Proxes T1R indicate a rather high noise level. However, if you follow the trends, you can see that the problem is faced mainly by drivers with certain sizes. Perhaps the source of the noise is the state of the suspension or the very principle of its operation.

With aggressive driving rubber Toyo Proxes T1Rwears out pretty quickly. This is due to its high softness and a small depth of the tread. Therefore, if you want to use it as long as possible, try to refrain from sudden starts and emergency braking.

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