Hat-helmet for children - great solution

The choice of warm clothes for the baby is a veryresponsible. And it is very important to choose the right headgear, which would tightly cover the ears, did not move and did not fall off the head. The ideal option is a hat-helmet for children. It allows you to keep in the heat not only your head, but your neck, and therefore - do without scarf.

hat for children
Hat-helmet for children is very practical and convenient. There are colors for boys and girls. The most popular are monophonic and striped caps-helmets. And for small princesses, you can find a model decorated with embroidery, rhinestones or pretty flowers.

What is so attractive hat for children? This is an excellent option for a kindergarten, since with such a headdress the child can easily manage on his own. And you can not worry about the fact that the baby does not cope with the strings, and do not reel in the scarves that are unloved by many karapuzas.

In addition, helmets perfectly fit the mostLittle children who can not stand hats and strive to pull them off their heads. The helmet can not be removed so easily, which means the crumb does not freeze and does not catch cold. For children of the first year of life, you can pick up a helmet on the clasps on the side or in front, which will quickly put it on the baby.

Finnish hats helmets for children
Helmets are great for older children,especially for active pastime. Such headgear will be useful during sledging or skiing. In addition, they will be very convenient for junior students who have not yet learned how to cope with strings.

Hat-helmet for children can be as warm,winter, and autumn. Lighter models are made of cotton or mixed yarn, while winter versions are made from wool or acrylic. Winter hats for children can have a lining (usually cotton or fleece), as well as non-inflatable inserts on the ears and forehead. In addition, these helmets are often sewn from fleece - a warm and soft material.

Thin hat-helmets for children - the perfect solutionfor autumn and spring. In addition, there are so-called balaclavas that can be worn under any caps. As a rule, they are made of fine yarn (cotton or mixed) and look like an ordinary helmet without ornaments.

winter hats helmets for children
To date, on the shelves of stores, you canfind a variety of helmets (from the connected in the nearest shop to the branded ones). Finnish hats for children, quality, comfortable and very warm, perfectly suited even for the harshest winters. They year after year are deservedly popular, especially "Kivat" and "Reima". Winter models are made of soft 100% wool, and the lining is made from a knitted cotton that is pleasant to the body. Annually new collections of clothes and headdresses of the specified trade marks are issued, including hats-helmets for children. Sufficiently wide range of colors and styles (even, with brushes and "horns") allows you to choose the right option for any winter room. Such helmets sit well on the head and do not open the ears even with the most active games. The only thing that grieves a little, their high enough cost, which, however, is justified by the quality and long service life.

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