"Persil" -tablets: instructions for use, features

It's been several years now, as a German company"Henkel" developed and marketed an effective cleanser "Persil Expert Tabs". Now the washing will become easy and enjoyable, and the issues of storage, calculation of dosage and saving of detergent practically disappear on their own. Each hostess can appreciate "Persel" - tablets, the instruction on which application is given below.

What are Persyl tablets?

Persel tablets instructions for use
Each mistress has her own secret waywashing things, helping to keep them in excellent shape. In our progressive age, strangely enough, various "grandmother's" recipes are still a huge success. Given this fact, Henkel specialists, developing a new premium detergent, took into account all the habits and requirements of modern housewives. Proposed by the manufacturer for a product such as "Persil" (tablets), the instruction for use already proves that it is capable of making laundry much easier and faster.

The concept of "Persil Expert Tabs" is acompact tablets with a concentration of cleaning agents twice that of traditional washing powders. Getting into the water, the tablet dissolves rather quickly, its effect on pollution begins instantly. The dosage provided saves the time spent on the difficult measurement of the powder. For one wash, you will need two Persel tablets, enclosed in a styrene dispenser.

Advantages of tablets "Persil"

The most important advantage of the new product "Persil Expert Tabs" is maximum convenience. Tablets are easy to store. Packed in two pieces, they are compactly packed into cardboard boxes.

 Persel pills reviews
Any Persel cleanser is differenthigh quality. So the new "Persel" -tablets reviews get only positive. There are two types of "Persil Expert Tabs" - for washing white and colored underwear.

While washing with ordinary powder is oftendeforms the laundry, "Persel" -tables, the instructions for use of which are simple enough, exclude fabric damage. The use of the drug even in the low-temperature regime provides a good washability. Delicate washing is guaranteed to remove both fresh dirt and stubborn stains, while the brightness of the color of the fabric is preserved.

"Persil" -tablets, instructions for use

The drug is intended for:

- washing of white and colored linen, excluding silk and wool;

- use in washing machines;

- for temperature conditions from 20 to 95 degrees;

persel tablets how to use
Before you start washing, you need to know,adding "Persel" -tablets, how to use them correctly. With dry hands, you need to remove the necessary amount of tablets from the package, depending on Ph water and the degree of contamination of the laundry and place them in the washing machine dispenser. On the product's consumer packaging is a table that helps in this matter.

The recommendations on the clothing labels indicate the temperature and the washing schedule to which special attention should be paid.

In tablets "Persil" does not contain air conditioning, so the use of air conditioning is mandatory.

Observe the safety rules! Keep Persel tablets out of the reach of children and away from food. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of running water. If possible, avoid prolonged contact with any detergent.

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