Cork helmet - a historical attribute that survived to our times

Almost in any adventure film - aboutconquerors of safaris and impenetrable jungle - you can notice an important attribute that his heroes wear, - a cork helmet. This "gift from Africa", a solar helmet or a helmet for a safari, as people call it, can in fact not be just an element of a "tropical entourage", but rather widely used in the daily life of a modern person.

A bit of history

The appearance of this object in everyday life is attributed tothe beginning of the 19th century. And already in the 40-ies it gets quite widespread and acquires a standardized form. Cork helmet at this time is a headdress made of a cork sprouting under the bark of trees, and covered with a white cloth cover protecting from the sun.

Cork helmet
A model was developed in England specifically forthe personnel of the colonial troops who served in the tropics and hot countries. Later, in the 70s, the color of helmets changed to brown and khaki - this was facilitated by the war with the Zulus. By the way, the British police still use this uniform in its ceremonial form.

France's colonial troops began to be suppliedsimilar headdresses (they differed from English brethren in wide fields) only in 1878. And in 1881, the United States began to supply its cadmium helmets with cork.

Civil use of a helmet

And among civilians found its applicationCork helmet. Photos of models of this headgear, reviews of real users show that it can be quite practical and even necessary thing. It protects the head and face quite well from mechanical damage and can be used for hiking in the forest, on the river, trips to the country. Wide fields of a helmet protect from scratches and damages of the face with boughs and from a rain, not giving water to get behind a scruff. According to the owners, getting wet through, while in this headdress, you can only hours through three continuous rain. In addition, it is very light, even a long wearing does not cause head discomfort.

cork helmet pictures

Very often you can find a cork helmet onresidents of Vietnam - for them it has become an ordinary headdress, akin to a panama or a cap used in everyday life. For the colonial troops of British soldiers in the Commonwealth, this subject is an integral sign of identification. But the constant wearing of a cork helmet by soldiers of British colonial troops is just a well-established stereotype.

Cork helmet for a child - a subject for games or real protection?

Children are great dreamers, and in their games they often try to imitate the heroes of their favorite films.

cork helmet for child
Bought or made with own handsCork helmet will allow the child to feel like a true traveler, an avid hunter and a great safari conqueror. Boys, fond of history, will certainly try on the role of a soldier of the French army in Indochina. If we talk about the practical side of the headdress, then here we can note a lot of its advantages. Helmet - a perfect defender from the hot sun and rain during long rafts and hikes, the cork structure perfectly preserves the comfortable temperature of the head, does not lend itself to deformation and soaking. If the child is an avid tourist, then making a cork helmet with his own hands for him or buying in a specialized store will be the right decision of caring parents.
cork helmet

Protection against falls and shocks

You can use this helmet for absolutelylittle children. Kids who actively begin to explore the world - learn to get up, crawl, walk, inevitably face frequent falls and bumps. If the possibility of injury is alarming to parents, then it is possible to take care of safety in a timely manner. The cork helmet in this case will perfectly cope with the protection of the baby's head during unsuccessful falls - it will save you from stuffing cones and getting more serious damage, for example, a concussion. But no matter how comfortable, easy and comfortable the headdress is, one should remember that many kids do not favor them and do their best to pull them off their heads. Therefore, before buying it is reasonable to try it on the child and understand how much he is ready to be in it.

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