Arai is a helmet for a stylish ride. How to choose the best model?

The choice of any helmet begins with the definitionthe desired style, shape, level of protection and the correct size. All these factors should be considered when buying, and meet the expectations. The Arai brand, whose helmets have a long, time-honored history of quality and reliability, takes into account the boldest expectations of buyers. That is why for many it is a priority when choosing the desired model.


The brand produces several types of helmets. Consider the most popular. The company Arai, whose helmet-integral is designed for driving at very high speeds, produces popular monolithic models. They have a very high degree of protection. They are used for high-speed races.

An open helmet for motocross (also known as half-faced) is designed for driving around the city at low speed. It does not provide such a level of protection as the integral.

Arai's helmet forAutomobile driving has a rigid construction and is suitable for arrivals on asphalt and off-road simultaneously. In addition, you can choose the coloring, style of the print and design, which corresponds to personal preferences.

Arai Helmet

The form

The helmet produced by Arai has threea variant of the internal form: a long oval, an average oval and an average round oval. The choice is made by direct fitting or by measuring the head.

A long oval has additional space inforehead area. It is suitable for those to whom other helmets are tight at the top. The model is long along the line from front to back and narrow from side to side. A typical example is the Signed-Q helmet.

The middle oval is shorter along the line from front to back and widerfrom side to side. Typical models are Corsair V, Vector, Vector 2 and XD 4. This category includes all helmets from oblong to round shape. None of the manufacturer companies pay so much attention to the internal form, which primarily distinguishes the brand against the background of the rest.

The average round oval is even shorter along the line from the frontback and wider from side to side. An example is the helmet RX-Q. The model is suitable for owners of round head shape, it provides a reliable fit and additional comfort.

Arai helmets reviews

Protection level

Integral - the highest level of protection. This is ensured by the monolithic shape of the model. An open helmet (half-faced) has a low degree of protection. This is enough for driving around the city for which it is intended. The car version has high safety performance. He only slightly falls short of the integral.

Safety performance is a prioritywhen choosing a model, this is unquestionable. Brand-produced Arai helmets (reviewed repeatedly) are considered the best in the world. The company during its existence has received many awards for meeting the highest requirements of quality, comfort, safety, design and ventilation.

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