Vega - helmet for real biker

Riding a motorcycle is a great pleasure,which, unfortunately, is often accompanied by trauma. For a more reliable ride, the Chinese developed helmets Vega. They perfectly protect the head and neck of the driver in the event of a fall or accident.

Description of helmets Vega

Vega helmets produce famous ChineseNingbo HD Safety Products. For many years the developers have studied the market of motor products and the needs of fans of riding on two-wheeled vehicles. All the knowledge and experience gained by the company was embodied in motorcycle helmets of its own production. In 2004, the company began to manufacture protective devices under the brand Vega Helmets.

To date, Vega is a helmet that is very popular among motorcyclists of many countries. The products of this brand are highly valued among buyers.

All helmets are constantly tested and undergo periodic quality checks. Reliability and safety are the main characteristics that the manufacturer is oriented towards.

Vega is a helmet that matches Europeanquality standards and has high levels of protection. All the products of this brand passed a lot of tests for squeezing, visibility, sliding, dynamic fall. These tests proved that the Vega is a helmet that absorbs the impact energy well and withstands loads of any force.

vega helmet

The main feature of the Vega brand products is that all the outer shell, internal filling and complete assembly of helmets are carried out in one enterprise.

Varieties of helmets Vega

The manufacturer produces a wide range of products of various designs and modifications. So, the buyer can choose a modular, integral, open or cross helmet Vega.

cross v-neck helmet

Also helmets "Vega" are male, female and evenchildren's. Thus, the buyer has the opportunity to choose the most suitable for the size and type of the model of any color and design. In addition to these parameters, it is possible to choose a helmet with white or tinted glass. It is important to note that the glass for the Vega helmet is sold separately. Therefore, in case of damage, the owner can make a replacement on his own.

Each helmet is manufactured in a factory that operates on modern high-tech equipment.

Purpose of helmets

Vega helmets are designed to protect headsprofessional racers on motorcycles, bikers and simple fans to ride "with a breeze." They can be used for scooter, pit-bike, and also for children's motorcycles.

It is important to note that motorcycle helmets should not be wornonly drivers of transport, but also passengers. So, if two people are riding a motorbike, they should be in protective headgear for greater safety.

To put on helmet is very important. The fact is that in such modes of transport as a motorcycle, a scooter and a bike, a person is not protected in any way. And the upper part of the body is generally open. Therefore, when a collision occurs, the driver is usually seriously injured. Especially often the head is damaged. To protect yourself from dangerous injuries, it is recommended to always ride with a helmet.

glass for helmet vega

Advantages of a helmet

Vega is a helmet that is highly appreciated by manymotorists. All models are very popular not only thanks to the stylish design and unique coloring. Vega helmets have a high degree of protection. Other advantages of this brand's products are convenience and affordable cost.

The optimal price-quality ratio made Vega helmets very popular.

User Reviews

The owners of helmets Vega positively assessquality and reliability of these protective devices. First of all motorcyclists and bikers noted good aerodynamics and noise insulation. Also all Vega helmets have an excellent fit and sit comfortably on the head.

Many chose motorcycle helmets of this brand because of the affordable price, which on average is 5-6 thousand rubles.

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