Restaurants Tula: "Slavic": photo, menu

For today to find good institutionscatering is very difficult, especially in small towns. An exception was Tula, a city that became famous for its weapons and gingerbread. Cafes and restaurants Tula amaze with its diversity, low prices, excellent service and a good entertainment program for visitors. Here you can meet as native Russian "huts", which serves national cuisine for Russia, as well as more modern institutions with European or, for example, Mexican menu.

Restaurant complex "Slavyanskiy"

As it has been designated, speech in the article will be aboutsuch establishments as Tula restaurants. "Slavic" - a complex that takes a leading position in all city ratings. This is due to the fact that there are not only tasty dishes, recipes of which have reached our days from the distant past, but also a developed infrastructure for tourists. Here you can find everything for a comfortable stay in the city.

Restaurants Tula Slavyanskiy

Bread and salt are met by guestsRestaurants in Tula. "Slavyansky", bringing the good old traditions to the present, made itself a reputation for a hospitable and friendly institution. The meals are prepared by the best chef of the city, which was repeatedly marked with certificates and certificates of participation in major culinary competitions. The meal will please with its exceptional taste, incredible abundance and appetizing smell.

What is waiting in the restaurant complex?

Certainly, not only a chic dinner awaitsthose who decided to go to the light in the restaurants of Tula. "Slavyansky" is also a bar, and a comfortable hotel. A cozy bar, made in the style of stone Rus, is located on the ground floor of the complex. The interior is decorated with fighting trophies, which hang on the walls of the institution. Adds the mystery of the twilight, recreated by stone arches and darkened windows with images of the sun.

The hotel, although small, but cozy.For the guests five comfortable rooms with all conveniences are prepared. Modern interior is complemented by the latest media technology and plumbing, which will make the rest of the complex truly valuable.

cafes and restaurants Tula

Rooms for VIP guests

There are also VIP-halls that allocateRestaurants in Tula. "Slavyansky" offers its customers 6 zones, each of which is executed in a unique interior. "Dungeon" - one of the most secluded places in the institution. Light in the room lets in a small window located on the ceiling of the room. The walls are log-built, which creates a unique atmosphere of reunion with nature. Suitable for a small company of 4 people.

"Svetlitsa" and "Boyar's room" will pleasesimplicity, but at the same time and luxury. The premises are flooded with sunlight, which was achieved due to large window openings. The cosiness is supplemented with fireplaces, comfortable armchairs and a wide ceiling arch made in the Old Russian style.

Refectory, hunting lodge and balcony allowhold a small corporate, as the premises can accommodate up to 20 people at a time. High domed ceilings make the room free. Silence and peace allow you to enjoy the reign of comfort and comfort.

Menu of restaurants in Tula

The restaurant complex "Slavyansky" will please itsvisitors a varied menu. Here, both the ears are royally awaited, and the pork neck prepared on the grill. Pelmeni selected, borscht in bread, home-made okroshka - only a small part of the first dishes that await the guests of the establishment.

menu of restaurants in Tula

For the youngest clients it is provideda children's menu that is full of useful food, sweets and pastries. For fans of hot drinks there is a wine and cocktail card, where the best varieties of alcoholic beverages are presented.

Cafes and restaurants Tula is another city card that distinguishes the region from many others in Russia.

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