Restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan). Reasons for popularity

Kazan is the third capital of boundless Russia. Here, on the assurances of many tourists, one can find a combination of the culture of Asia and Europe. For example, against the background of modern buildings, one can also see ancient mosques. People in business suits overtake men in skullcaps. So are things with the kitchen. Not only Russian and Tatar, but also European, Pan-Asian and other less popular varieties predominate. In the city you can find many establishments for every taste.

Restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan) - what are the advantages?

There are many interesting restaurants and cafes in Kazan. Some focus on a variety of dishes, some - on a good location. Restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan) - just the last. This institution is located on the water. And not on the shore, namely in the waters of the river Kazanka. From a distance it may seem that this is not a restaurant, but a real ship or a liner.

restaurant cruise Kazan

The restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan) includesfour floors. At every guests welcome. There is also an open veranda that works in the summer. Here visitors are offered cozy blankets, and the view opens with beautiful views of Kazan. The restaurant is open until late, so you can easily admire the night city.

View from the windows of the restaurant. Main Attractions

From the restaurant windows in the winter or fromopen verandas in the summer one can see a number of city sights. Many people like to capture themselves against the background of such beauties, and then share with other users of social networks. Restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan), photos of visitors attracted by all new regular customers, is extremely successful.

restaurant cruise kazan photos

From the windows of the building you can see the KazanskyKremlin. Also in sight is the Suyumbike tower, the Kul-Sharif mosque. One can also see the ever-changing Kremlin embankment, which is adorned for each holiday. Each landmark has its own history, special legends are associated with them. At the request of the visitor, the waiters will share their knowledge.

Interior of the institution and cultural program

Restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan) adheres torestraint in the design of the halls. There is no emphasis on modern styles, everything is done in warm colors, decorated with bows or with fresh flowers. With all this, the dishes are made in a marine style, there are faceted glasses and deliberately rough decor elements. Everything speaks of the commitment of the restaurant owners to the retro style.

restaurant cruise kazan photos of visitors

It should be noted that there is also a special room forchildren's holidays. Here you can leave the child and during a simple lunch. The restaurant staff will entertain and look after the baby. On weekends and Friday you can see the show, eat under pleasant live music. The administration often invites young, but talented teams to entertain visitors. It is also possible to order a hall for a banquet.

The kitchen of the restaurant "Cruise". Main features

Restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan), a photo of which they saynot only about the successful location, but also the beautiful design of dishes, presents several types of cuisines. In the first place, it is necessary to highlight the author's. The chef of the restaurant is a participant of many competitions. He is appreciated for the ability to transform any habitual dish, making it original.

You can also assess the Japanese, European andRussian cuisine. It is worth noting that this restaurant is one of the few that offers visitors to see how their dish is prepared. Therefore, often in the reviews it is mentioned that seafood becomes more delicious when it is seen how they are fried.

Restaurant "Cruise" (Kazan) is located on the water,allowing us to consider the neighborhood. It is easy to get to any part of the city from it. This, in conjunction with a delicious meal and a good entertainment program, makes the institution attractive for tourists and residents of the city.

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