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Paraphrasing the question of the famous parrot Keshi "Ayou've been to Tahiti? ", ask:" Have you ever been to Bali? "Yes, yes, that's right, not" on ", but" in ". Because the speech in this case is not about a paradise island, but about a restaurant in the northern capital with the same name. However, the elements of this beautiful place on earth are clearly traced in the atmosphere of the whole institution - from the idea of ​​interior decoration to the music that plays here. What is it, the restaurant "Bali"? Is it worth it to waste your time and money to visit this place? You will receive the answers after reading the article to the end. Let's start?

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About "Bali" in St. Petersburg

What is really possible in this place isforget about the city bustle and the incessant flow of affairs, immersed for a while in an atmosphere of tranquility, harmony and pleasure. The latter is easy to get both from the environment, interior decoration, and from the magnificent kitchen and attentive staff. The restaurant "Bali" is created so that you can completely relax and have a wonderful time (or even hours) of rest, without forgetting to deliver a gastronomic joy to your stomach and aesthetic - to your eyes.

The establishment itself is large enough and takes twofloor, which managed to accommodate three spacious halls, as well as a summer terrace. Provided in the restaurant and a cozy place for children (a game room with animators), and a room for banquets designed for large and medium-sized companies. With whom you come to "Bali", you will feel that you are in the most suitable place. An important role in the issues of comfort is played by the interior of the establishment, which we will now talk about.

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Decoration of the restaurant

"Bali" - these are the three main halls (lilac,panoramic and banquet), an open summer terrace and a games room for kids. Each zone is decorated in its own style, and all of them are harmoniously combined into a general composition of the restaurant.

Lilac Hall

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It has an unusual circular layout with highmetal columns, well located throughout the hall. This room is very light, pleasant, even to some extent magical. The design is made in white and lilac tones (various shades), with metal elements, wooden floor and lively green accents. Elegant and romantic interior is given by light air curtains, tender flowers and bewitching sight aquariums with bright exotic fish.

The hall is quite spacious, easily accommodates 120guests. In addition, here you can conduct mini-banquets designed for a company of 25 people. The banquet area is very comfortable and cozy - a long table covered with snow-white tablecloths, and velvet-white armchairs with high backs and bright pillows.

Panoramic Hall

Rising up the ornate glass staircase incenter of the main hall, you will enter another hall - panoramic. And then plunge into a completely different atmosphere - Japanese minimalism and restraint. There is much more light, air and instantly there is some pleasant pacification from the whole situation. The main colors that "Bali" demonstrates in all its halls-the restaurant (the photos cited in the article, to that confirmation) - lilac and white, are used in this.

However, there are even more greenery, flowers, softflowing fabrics and huge windows to the floor. And under your feet float the most real fish - in a built-in aquarium with durable glass. Going to the depth of the hall, you will find a streaming waterfall. It is here that you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of exotic rest - elegant, harmonious, slightly reserved, but diluted with the most suitable "living accessories". In the panoramic hall you can also hold a banquet, but already for 80 people.

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Banqueting hall

This is a more "serious" room, ready to accommodatein itself 250 people. The hall is very spacious and comfortable. The way the tables will be arranged, as well as the details of the decoration, guests (ordering a banquet) can determine at will. There is everything not just for a big company's rest, but also for presentations, performances, concerts. There is a pull-out stage equipped with excellent audio and lighting systems. Thanks to a special acoustic ceiling, the sound will always be clear and loud. There is also a separate bar with a large selection of alcohol.

If necessary, the restaurant "Bali" is readyTo provide our guests with the services of professional decorators, florists and animators. If you need to come up with an entertainment program, arrange a show - there is no need to look for specialists somewhere else. Just come to "Bali" - and you will be offered a full set of services for a wonderful holiday, holiday, corporate.

Summer terrace

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In a hot period I want as much time as possiblespend in the fresh air. Restaurant "Bali" will provide you with this opportunity. The spacious terrace, equipped with comfortable mini-arbors, is ideal for enjoying a sunny summer day or to meet the sunset, sitting in a wicker chair with a glass of wine. You can hide from the heat of day in arbors, curtained with light light fabrics. And in the evening it's better to sit outside - in a comfortable chair or on the couch, wrapped in a warm blanket.

The street on which the restaurant "Bali" is located,Savushkina, is located near the metro station "Staraya derevnya". From the terrace there is a beautiful view of Elagin Island and Bolshaya Nevka. To admire the sunsets and simply fascinating panorama of the city in this place is an inexpressible pleasure.

Restaurant Kitchen

Despite the Indonesian name, in "Bali"mainly represented by European and Japanese cuisine. All of them are executed in the author's vision of the magnificent chef of the restaurant. There is a wide choice of various types of pasta, risotto (including cuttlefish ink), soups (solyanka, pumpkin, etc.), pizza, as well as meat and fish hot dishes and steaks. And necessarily dessert - the author's "Napoleon" - "A la Bali" or chocolate flan with ice cream - the perfect end of the meal.

For lovers of seafood in a restaurantA huge selection of dishes of Japanese cuisine is presented, including soups, hot and, certainly, sweet delicacies. For children there is a special menu, seasonal items are also regularly updated, and lean recipes are introduced. Do not forget the restaurant and about business lunches - large and delicious. The most pleasant thing is that for such a level of the institution prices are quite acceptable (perhaps slightly above average). The average bill per person will be approximately 1-2 thousand rubles.

Restaurant "Bali" (Savushkina, 98): reviews

In St. Petersburg this institution is very fond of. It is often visited by couples in love (the situation is at home), families with young children (there is where to leave the baby while adults discuss their business with food), businessmen (the place is convenient for negotiations in a relaxed atmosphere), as well as employees of large companies (banquets here organize with an enviable regularity).

Each guest finds in this institution what he needsyou need - romanticism, harmony, high level of service, pleasant interior and live music. Often, visitors respond to the relaxing atmosphere and delicious, simple, but with a "zest" of dishes that the restaurant "Bali" (St. Petersburg) offers. Reviews allow you to judge that it is especially popular here to hold any significant events - be it a birthday, a corporate or a romantic date. Exotics, neighboring with European style and Japanese restraint, as well as melodic tunes and attentive waiters make the restaurant special, truly alive and always in demand.

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Bali in Moscow

A restaurant with the same name is also in the capitalour country. Those who visited the St. Petersburg institution, when they come to Moscow, go there. It should immediately be said that these are two completely unrelated places (apart from the name). Although the situation is something like "Bali" in St. Petersburg. There is an incredible beauty lilac hall, painted with fancy Indonesian ornaments, a space trimmed with wood and natural textiles of natural colors, a lounge zone in the center of which the head of the Buddha rotates.

There is something to see and wonder about. The cuisine is diverse - a mix of European, Italian and Indonesian dishes, as well as a mandatory Japanese menu. If you are in the capital, then do not doubt whether it is worth to visit the "Bali" restaurant (Moscow). The reviews are almost unanimous and say that this is a great place for rest and relaxation, where you will be tasty and well served. Have you ever been to St. Petersburg's same-name institution? Then it's time to compare it with Moscow.


It turns out that there is paradise not only on the island inThe Indian Ocean, but in both capitals of our homeland. And his name is the restaurant "Bali". Institutions are not bound to each other directly, but the feelings and reigning in their atmosphere of these two seats - "kindred spirits." We recommend both.

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