Zephyr in chocolate (1 pc.): Caloric content, composition. Homemade marshmallows

Today, marshmallow is relatively lightdessert. Why is that? The fact is that it does not contain fat, in comparison with other kinds of sweets. A variety of pastilles, as a rule, is made by beating mashed potatoes from berries and fruits with egg white and, of course, sugar. By the way, most often in the role of these fruits are apples. What is the cost of marshmallow in chocolate and is it possible to prepare it at home? Is he a calorie? Answers to these questions can be found in the article.

Historical data

marshmallow in chocolate (1 piece): calorie content

It is interesting that marshmallows are considered one of the mostancient confectionery products. This fact can be confirmed by the preserved references to the recipe of sweetness in writing, because long ago it was produced by the inhabitants of Ancient Greece. By the way, they sincerely believed that this recipe was given by the god of the wind Zefir (Ζέφυρος).

Today, marshmallows are equally integralpart of the culinary tradition, as well as a millennium ago. Of course, today's manufacturers can offer a great variety of varieties of marshmallow products. It is not surprising, because the twenty-first century in the yard. In the history of light sweetness, her recipe underwent some changes and additions. That is why this craving for confectioners to the ideal has allowed people today to enjoy the taste qualities of a different kind, that is, to the composition, marshmallow.

Composition of marshmallows in chocolate

calorie marshmallow white

As noted above, the composition of ancient Greeksweets come in puree from fruit or berries, egg whites and sugar. At the final stage of cooking, all this is sometimes covered with chocolate glaze. By the way, today in the chocolate marshmallow there are such ingredients as gelatin (agar) and pectin. The former is used as an agent for gelation. It's great when it's of natural origin (agar).

Virtually all people know about the ease and gentletaste of sweetness. Today, in the process of preparing marshmallows in chocolate, one interesting secret is used: glaze, as a rule, is made from bitter chocolate. So sweet marshmallow is uniquely highlighted by a bitter note. That's why this product is so nice to eat. By the way, manufacturers of marshmallows for supplementing sweets often use sprinkles made from wafers or nuts. Most consumers have such an idea to taste.

Varieties of marshmallow candy

home marshmallows

It is important to supplement that, in addition to the traditional marshmallow,today is very popular coffee, covered with chocolate glaze. Moreover, consumers like confectionery products, the basis of which is a marshmallow with a taste of ice cream, or cream-brule. By the way, accompanying such a marshmallow in chocolate (1 pc.) Caloric content is somewhat more than with respect to the standard, but it rarely stops lovers of sweet. In addition to the presented versions of ancient Greek sweets, confectioners made attempts to release and various other. This is not surprising, because society is almost always to taste something new and original. But all the same, most consumers prefer the usual delicacies to their taste.

Calorie marshmallow white

the cost of marshmallow in chocolate

Thanks to an interesting selection of components forthe production of marshmallow, its calorific value according to the standard scheme is 321 kcal per hundred grams of product. It is interesting that the content of carbohydrates in the traditional product exceeds their content in relation to the sweetness covered with chocolate glaze. Calorie marshmallow white, if we consider it one by one, is equal toapproximately 150 kcal. This figure, of course, pleases many sweethearts who are crazy about confectionery products, but so want to follow the figure. In addition, the marshmallow contains a considerable amount of useful components. Among them, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients for healthy development of the body. It is important to supplement that the marshmallow does not contain vitamins, because they are destroyed in the production process.

Accompanying marshmallow in chocolate (1 pc.) caloric value is equal to 120 kcal (practical 400 kcal per hundred grams). One piece contains 0.4 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fat and 21.5 grams of carbohydrates.

How to make marshmallows at home?

It should be noted that today there are twoversion of the preparation of ancient Greek sweets. The first of them involves baking the product under the condition of low temperature conditions, the second one is produced without baking. Accompanying homemade marshmallows in chocolate (1 pc.) Caloric content is approximately similar to the similar index of sweetness displayed on store shelves. However, most often people prefer to prepare marshmallows without glaze. That is why the article contains a recipe for such a case. How to cook homemade marshmallows?

First, in the number necessary for implementationThe ideas of the products include gelatin (25 grams), sugar (750 grams), vanilla and one teaspoon of citric acid. It is necessary to pour gelatin with half a glass of warm water, and at this time to do the cooking of sugar syrup (750 grams of sugar + 150 milliliters of water + vanillin). When the mixture begins to thicken, it is necessary to pour in the already swollen gelatin with a thin stream. The final step is whipping the mass through the blender to a light and airy state. By the way, during the whipping process, it is necessary to add citric acid to the mixture.

Final chord

marshmallow composition in chocolate

When home marshmallows almost ready, it is necessary to decide howway to bring it to normal. In the first case, you need to send the almost finished product to the refrigerator for a day. Then the resulting sweetness will be similar to a pastille, minimally loose and tender. And if you send the marshmallow for thirty minutes in the oven at a temperature of 110 degrees, the result will be light and even melting in your mouth. By the way, today zephyr in chocolate costs about 200 rubles for 250 grams. Home cooking is much cheaper, is not it? It is even superfluous to mention the testing of ingredients.

As noted above, the accompanying marshmallow in chocolate (1 pc.) caloric value is almost equal to the calorie content of traditional sweets, so the housewives need only decide that for them and their families it is better and tastier, because there are no comrades to taste and color. And never will be!

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