Wedding caravans, rituals and cooking

Since ancient times, it has been assumed that bread -all over the head. After all, he gave a person life, if he was in the family, then there was prosperity and happiness. Therefore, our ancestors considered the bread a sign that the family was safe. The wedding caravans were an indispensable attribute of the celebration, without him in any way, he was the head of this holiday. Of course, in some parts of the country the process of preparation and presentation is slightly different, but still has the same importance.

wedding caravans

People who married several times couldget a loaf only for the first wedding. The shape, decorations and process of preparation were very important. Caravai wedding should be only a round shape resembling the sun. For ornaments, use the scythe, which was distributed along the edge, and various paired figures, for example, spikelets, swans, flowers. Ancestors believed: if the loaf turned plump and fragrant, the married life of the newlyweds will be happy and long, and if suddenly a crack formed on it - this was considered a very bad sign.

wedding loaf photo

Caravai wedding baked only in the atmospheregood and joy. It was allowed to cook only happy women in family life, people who did not have a personal life, such as widows or single women, did not have this opportunity. The wedding loaf, the photo of which you can see in this article, expresses all the positive energy and happiness of family life. Long since the cooking process was similar to a mini-play in which each participant had a role. Songs were sung, parables were told, wishes were sent to the young people, who, with their positive energy, were feeding the loaf. Some wedding caravans were so huge that they could not be taken out of the oven when they were already ready. Another good omen - if the unmarried friends of the newlyweds could eat at least a small piece, it meant their happy wedding in the future.

wedding loaf master class

This festive bread was brought out to meetthe newlyweds of the husband's parents. Wedding caravai were considered symbols of a happy and prosperous life. Until now, the following ceremony was held: the newlyweds at the same time broke the loaf, it was believed that whose piece will be bigger, he will become the head of the family. After that, they tried to divide him into everyone, only in a certain order. The lower part was intended for guests, the second tier was given to close relatives, and the top was for parents and brothers. Also a good sign was considered to be a couple of pieces wrapped in cloth and hide in the house for life. This meant that happiness will accompany your family all your life.

Modern wedding caravans most oftenordered at bakeries or in special stores. But you can keep the tradition of ancestors and cook it yourself. Delicious wedding loaf, a master-class for baking which you, if you wish, can pass, will be filled with positive and happy energy of relatives who will cook it. Regardless of which option you choose, the main thing is to present it with love and only with happy wishes to the future family.

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