We make cosmonaut suit and helmet

When holidays are nearing in schools or children'sgardens, parents have to break their brains over choosing a suit for their beloved child. And often want to stop at the original image, so that at the celebration there were no ten princesses and the same number of superheroes. Invite the child to stand out from the crowd in the attire of the astronaut. Even some girls will not give up this idea. The costume is not necessary to buy, you can make it yourself. And let the astronaut's helmet not frighten you, it becomes easy and simple.

Preparing the necessary materials

The most important component of a spacesuit is,of course, a helmet. And it is his creation that should be given special attention. As a basis, you can take a motorcycle helmet, but not every child can carry it comfortably in a few hours. Therefore, it is better to make this accessory from papier-mache. It will be quite easy, and materials do not need to spend a lot of money.

astronaut's helmet

So, what do you need to make a cosmonaut's helmet and helmet with your own hands?

  • Round balloon (but you can take the usual).
  • Office paper and newspapers.
  • Clister (flour and water).
  • Vaseline or oil.
  • Scissors or clerical knife.
  • Glue.
  • Foil.
  • Paints.
  • Plastic bottles.
  • Silver fabric or clothing of suitable color.
  • Compact discs.
  • Rubber boots.

How to make an astronaut's helmet?

The air balloon should be inflated to such a size thathe was considerably larger than the child's head. Try to maximize the shape of the spherical. Also keep in mind that the bottom of the workpiece will need to be cut so that you can wear the helmet freely.

Prepare the paste.To do this, combine the water with the flour and cook the mixture a little on the fire. The mass should be without lumps and thick enough as sour cream. While the paste is cooling, grab the office paper and newspapers in pieces. Cut with scissors is not recommended, otherwise the details will not grasp well with each other.

To make the astronaut's ready helmet easyremove, oil the balloon with oil or petroleum jelly. The first layers of papier-mache made from office paper, because it is denser. Dip the chopped pieces into a paste and overlap the ball. So make several layers until the workpiece is strong enough. How is this determined? Look at the thickness of the walls, it should be several millimeters. Do not forget to dry the artwork during the day between the layers and at the very end, when it is ready.

how to make an astronaut's helmet with your own hands

Carefully blow off the ball to avoid crushing the workpiece. Cut the holes from the bottom and from the front. Now the basis is similar to the cosmonaut's helmet. Try it on, it should be easy to put on and take off.

How to decorate a helmet?

If desired, you can cut glass from plasticbottles and glued to the helmet. Just do not forget to sing or close sharp edges. Be sure to make sure that the child's helmet has access to oxygen! Therefore, if necessary, make ventilation holes.

The basis of the costume can be pasted with foil or painted.A real cosmonaut's helmet is white or silver, so give preference to these colors. The product is made for the child, so choose safe paints (for example, acrylic or gouache). On the helmet, draw or make with the help of decorative materials inscriptions, sham screws, speakers and other elements.

astronaut's helmet

To make the finished product comfortable to wear, inside, cover it with a cloth. It should be soft, but not warm, otherwise the child during a holiday will simply overheat.

How to make an astronaut helmet with your own hands, you know, now we move on to the other attributes of the costume.

Bring the image of an astronaut to the mind

The suit itself can be sewn from a silvery fabric tothe simplest pattern. If you do not have tailor skills, just find the right things. It can be an orange overall, a white sports suit and so on. The astronaut's shoes are rubber boots, wrapped in foil.

The suit will help to give realistic instrument panels on the chest and sleeves. Just attach unnecessary CDs to your clothes, and ordinary things will turn into space.

The image of the astronaut perfectly complement the oxygen cylinders. For a basis take plastic bottles of silvery color. If you do not find such, repaint or cover with foil.

how to make a cosmonaut's helmet

The cosmonaut's costume can and should be made with the child. You will see how he will be carried away by the creative process!

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