Teona Dolnikova: biography, creativity, photo

Teona Dolnikova, whose biography is given in this article, became famous for her roles in musicals. She also starred in TV shows and participated in various projects on television.


Teona Dolnikova was born in Moscow in 1984. The artist has Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian and Greek roots. Vocal and choreography Teona studied since childhood. She graduated from the Gnessin Music School in violin and piano.

the Dolnikov Theater

Known T. Dolnikova became at the age of 16, when she played the main role in the Russian version of the Polish musical "Metro". After him, there were many more roles in musical performances. At this time, Teona performs the main parts in the Russian versions of Polish 3D musicals "Paul Negri" and "Romeo and Juliet". She also rehearses a new role. This is Sonechka Marmeladova in the musical "Crime and Punishment".

From 2002 to 2003 she was a vocalist in therock band Slot. For the performance of the role of Ani in the musical "Metro" the artist was nominated for the State Prize. In 2001, Teona Dolnikova won the Grand Prix at the festival "Slavianski Bazaar" in Vitebsk and became the first Russian performer to win this contest.

In 2009, T. Dolnikova studied in Los Angeles acting skills. In 2014, Teona took part in the TV show "One to One", which is shown on the channel "Russia - 1". In the images of such artists as M. Kristalinskaya, M. Monroe, P. Gagarina, Elka, I. Kornelyuk, I. Allegrova, Lorin, L. Zykina, T. Gverdtsiteli, Nyusha, R. Zver, Lady Gaga, O. Kormuhina and others spoke in this project of Theon Dolnikov.

Personal life of the singer for a long time was a secret. In a conversation with reporters, Theona never answered questions about her romantic relationship. And in 2013, the public learned that she had an affair with an actor at the Nikitsky Gate. And in the summer of 2014 Nikita Bychenkov - beloved T. Dolnikova - died of cardiac arrest. The singer still can not reconcile with the loss of a loved one.

Theatrical works

of the Theology of Dolnikov

The roles in the musicals that Teona Dolnikov played:

  • Anya - production of "Metro" (Moscow Theater of Operetta).
  • The main role in the musical "Mata Hari".
  • Anna - "At the bottom" (Los Angeles).
  • The main female role in the musical "Warriors of the Spirit" (Moscow).
  • Marta - "Bury the dead" (Los Angeles).
  • Esmeralda is the Russian version of Notre Dame de Paris (Moscow Operetta Theater).
  • The musical "The Prophet".
  • Elizaveta Tarakanova - "Count of the Eagles" (Moscow Theater of Operetta).
  • The main role in the musical "Paul Negri" (St. Petersburg, Lensovet Palace).
  • Jennifer - "Times do not choose."
  • The main female role is the musical "Romeo and Juliet".
  • Laura - "Viva, perfume" (Moscow, Theater at the Nikitsky Gate).

Film and TV

In addition to work in the theater, Teona Dolnikova starred in several Russian TV series.

  • "Gypsy with exit".
  • "The search for evidence."
  • "Poor Nastya."
  • Stryker.
  • The Secret City.
  • "Ordered the Middle Ages?".
  • "Rhythm of Kansas City."
  • "Happy birthday, Lola."
  • "The Secret City-2".
  • "Who is the head in this house?".
  • "Sword Without a Name."
  • "The Last Janissary."
  • "Palmist".
  • "Club".
  • "The fourth desire."

Theona sounded the main character in the cartoon "Pocahontas". She also sings songs in several TV series.

tona dolnikov's personal life

T. Dolnikova took part in TV projects:

  • "Universal artist".
  • "Russian roulette".
  • One Hundred To One.
  • "Fort Boyard".
  • "The fight of extrasensories".
  • "The lethal league."
  • "One into one."


Theona is a laureate of competitions and theater awards. For Elizabeth in "Count Orlov" the artist was awarded the "Musical Heart of the Theater" award as the best performer of the main female role in the musical. She is a laureate of such competitions as "Slavonic Bazaar" and "Golden Voice". For the performance of the party Esmeralda in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" Theona won the audience award from the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", and the main theatrical award of Russia - "The Golden Mask". Also, T. Dolnikova is a laureate of the "Triumph" award.

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