Cannes Festival: nominees and winners. Cannes Film Festival

One of the most significant events in the world of cinema -Cannes Festival - annually brings together thousands of professionals in cinematography, beginning filmmakers and film buffs. The winners of the Cannes Film Festival receive various privileges and support from film associations. The Cote d'Azur becomes a place of attraction for all fashionable people and celebrities. Those who are not averse to light up in front of the cameras of famous photographers and see promising films of the Cannes Film Festival. This article tells about this event.

Features of the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Festival dates back to 1946. It was then that the ideological inspirers of the film event defined it as a way of attracting the attention and development of the entire film production. Since then, the idea and mission of the Cannes Festival remain unshakable, as is the time and place of its conduct.

Cannes Festival

Traditional May meetings fell on the 17th andlasted until May 28. The jubilee seventieth event was prepared with special care: from the formation of the jury and competition films to the design of the Cannes Film Festival poster. When the organizers had a question about who would represent such a significant event on the poster for the cinema, it was only the understanding that the person should be recognizable, signative and freedom-loving. Unanimously, the choice was made in favor of the Italian actress Claudia Cardinale. The basis was taken by one of her images, captured in 1959 on one of the roofs of Rome. The event was hospitably received by the Palace of Festivals. To display the tapes were provided halls "Lumiere", "Debussy", "Bunuel". In honor of the anniversary of the Cannes Festival for guests and holidaymakers of the Côte d'Azur, a large screen was installed, where the award-winning films of past years were broadcast. The sets of awards "Golden palm branch" and "Grand Prix" waited for their owners. The festival was preparing to present about 80 paintings of competitive and non-competitive sections.

Jury and special guests

Twelve landmark names in the history of cinema underthe presidency of the Spanish screenwriter and director Pedro Almadovar entered the jury list of the Cannes Film Festival. American actor and producer Will Smith, German director Maren Ade, Chinese singer and actress Fan Bingbin, Italian screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino, as well as Jessica Chestane, Park Chan Uk, Agnes Jauy, Gabriel Jarred evaluated the pictures in the main competition in a strict and uninterrupted manner. Actress Uma Thurman viewed nominees in the category "A special look". The short film competition went to Romanian director Christian Munjiu. Sandrine Cyberlene headed the contest "Golden Camera". The leading event was the brilliant Monica Bellucci in a luxurious dress from Dolce & Gabbana.

winners of the Cannes festival

The procedure for selecting paintings for the festival

In Cannes, there are several differentcompetitive sections, in which, according to the adopted regulations, these or those films fall. For example, the "Main Competition" is filled with pictures of mostly mature filmmakers who withdrew their masterpieces no earlier than a year before the Cannes film festival. Their paintings should not be at the box office on a wide screen and should not participate in other cinematographic international competitions. Also, you can not get into Internet resources.

The second most important competition is the "Special View"reveals young talents, directors with a great future. The holders of this award receive support for their work in the rental of France. This category includes films from third world countries, Muslim and Asian works.

"Competition for shorts" supports beginners,graduates of well-known film production schools. There is also the "Two Minutes of Directors", it is composed of blockbusters, nominees and winners of the Cannes Film Festival of the past. However, anyone can apply for participation in competitive and non-competitive shows by filling out an application on the official website of the Cannes Festival.

prize-winners of the Cannes festival


In the main competition, 19 films were announced. The film "Meek" by Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa, "120 beats per minute" by Robin Campillo, "Fatal temptation" by Sofia Coppola, "Dislike" by Andrei Zvyagintsev and others was claimed for the "Golden Palm". The picture "Ghosts of Ismael" by Arno Деплешен opened the show. Acquaintance with the nominees of the Cannes Festival took place traditionally in the Lumiere hall.

Competition program for the prizes of "A special look"opened the film "Barbara" directed by Mathieu Amalric. The jury, led by Uma Thurman, evaluated the paintings "Tightness" directed by Cantemir Balagov, "The Girlfriend of the Desert" (directors Cecilia Atan and Valeri Pivato), "The Windy River" by Taylor Sheridan, "Workshop", "Lucky" and many others. A total of 18 films. The task of the evaluating party was to determine the fate of the main prize of the "Special Glance", as well as prizes in the nominations "Best Direction", "Best Screenplay", "Prize to Young Giving", "Best Role", "Special Jury Prize".

nominees of the Cannes Film Festival

Debutants of the festival

One of the debutants as a director wasHollywood actress and star of the Twilight saga Kristen Stewart. She brought a short film "Let's go for a swim." The plot is a mixture of reality and surrealism in one day of a person. Another actress, who already has the most prestigious awards, Vanessa Redgrave, for the first time acted as a director and shot the actual documentary film "Sea sadness" about refugees.

Cantemir Balagov, director from Kabardino-Balkaria,declared in the nominees of the "Special View" of the Cannes Film Festival with the work of "Tesnot". The story told by the author about a poor Jewish family in which a relative is kidnapped, followed by a ransom requirement. In what framework this situation can and how to influence the behavior of each hero, the director narrates about it in the film.

Winners of the main competition

"Golden palm tree" for the best filmreceived the painting "Square" by Ruben Estlund. Modern, ironic, conceptual history, according to many critics, deservedly received the main award of the film festival. The film tells about the curator of the museum, which faces personal and working problems in life, against the backdrop of all this is also theft in the middle of the day in his smartphone and purse. Once a reserved and pedantic hero decides to "letters of happiness" with threats that send out around the house where a potential thief lives. What causes this action, tells the film.

Among the prizewinners of the Cannes Film Festival are alsowas Sofia Coppola with the award for best direction in the film "Fatal temptation"; The Grand Prix got "120 beats per minute"; the jury's prize was given to Andrei Zvyagintsev for "Dislike"; prizes for the best script were awarded to the films "You have never been here" and "Murder of the Reindeer", and these are not the only awards of these two films. Nicole Kidman, who played in the movie "The Murder of the Reindeer", was awarded a jury prize "as an exception", and the best actor was Joaquin Phoenix, who played in the already awarded work "You've never been here." Diane Kruger became the best actress.

the last Cannes festival

Prize-winners of the "Special Look"

The main prize of the second most importantCannes festival "A special look" went to the Iranian director Mohammad Rasulof for his work "Incorruptible". The jury took away the "Daughters of Abril". Taylor Sheridan became the best director for the picture "Windy River". Jazzin Trinka became lucky, as in the film of the same name, and was awarded a prize for the best role.

Independent rewards

In addition to the main awards in the "Main Competition" and"A special look", the nominees of the Cannes Film Festival could compete for independent awards. The FIPRESCI prize, established by the International Federation of Film Press, was given to the paintings "Tightness" and "120 beats per minute". The latter also received "Quir-palm".

Cannes Film Festival

Russian participants

Andrei Zvyagintsev as Frequently of CannesFestivals delighted the audience with a lively, relevant and catchy movie. His work "Dislike" was declared in the nominees of the "Main Competition" of the last Cannes festival and won the jury prize. In the center of events - a married couple who are at the stage of divorce. Against the background of a difficult relationship, indifference to each other's characters, their little son disappears. Searches, volunteers, police and the behavior of the main characters in this situation lead to a revision of the value of human life, family and love. Alexey Rozin, Mariana Spivak, Marina Vasilyeva, Matvey Novikov performed the main roles in the work. The idea of ​​the picture appeared thanks to the producer Alexander Rodnyansky, who proposed to take the Bergman's Scenes from Marital Life as a basis. This gave rise to the creation of a cinema masterpiece.

prize of the Cannes festival
Many critics predicted the first award to the film. And although the film did not take the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival, according to the director, getting to the list of nominees is already a great honor.

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