Brian Wilson - biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Brian Wilson is.The personal life of this person, as well as the features of the creative path will be described later. It's about an American musician. First of all, he is known as the founder, songwriter, bass player, vocalist, keyboardist and producer of The Beach Boys. Our hero was born in 1942, on June 20. He is the holder of "Grammy", also nominated for "Emmy" and "Golden Globe". Also known for his participation in projects created by other musicians.


brian wilson
Brian Wilson in 1960gathered the group The Beach Boys together with brothers Carl and Dennis, as well as Mike Love and Alan Jardine. The staff soon became famous. Our hero directed the music of the collective. He was a theorist filled with tenderness harmonic parties of the collective. Brian Wilson in the studio work was very punctual. Our hero noted that his work was influenced by The Beatles, Phil Spector, Chuck Berry, The Four Freshmen. In 1966, the musician decided on a sharp change in the course of the group. The team turned to the style of soft rock.

Solo career

Brian Wilson recorded his own album in1988. He was named Brian Wilson. In this work, the musician speaks of family difficulties, as well as lost years during a mental illness. The next album Sweet Insanity was not released. In 1995, two albums were released Orange Crate Art and I Just Was not Made Made For These Times. In 1998, the Imagination disk was released, which mainly consists of a new material. In 2002, our hero at the concert plays Pet Sounds. The new album is released in 2004 and is called Gettin "in Over My Head.

Personal life

brian wilson personal life
Brian Wilson was married to Marilyn Rowell with1964 to 1979. They've divorced. From this marriage the musician has two daughters: Wendy and Carney. In 1995, our hero married Melinda Ledbetter. This girl he met in the eighties, she was a former model and an automotive saleswoman. The couple adopted five children. The musician suffers from auditory hallucinations. In the eighties, the artist got to Eugene Landi - a corrupt psychologist, who assigned our hero excessive doses of drugs. This negatively affected the mental state of the musician. Thus, the doctor has achieved that our hero has transferred to him in management all commercial affairs. He influenced the adoption of the main decisions of the musician. Thanks to the brother of our hero, managed to prevent the doctor and deny his license. Recently, the mental state of the musician has improved. He resumed his musical career. Also, his relationship with his wife was improving.

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