"Night at the Museum 2": film actors

Today we will talk about the movie "Night at the Museum 2". Actors and features of this picture are given below. It's about the American fantastic comedy film, the continuation of the eponymous tape of 2006. The world premiere took place in 2009.


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First, we discuss the plot of the movie "Night at the Museum 2". Actors are presented below. Larry Daley, who was previously a night guard at the Museum of Natural History, turned into a successful businessman. He has his own firm, which produces and sells a variety of unusual household appliances. Larry is expected to make a big deal, so for greater concentration, he goes to the old job. There, the hero sees that the museum is transferred for reconstruction. In addition, his exhibits are planned to be deposited at the Smithsonian Institution, the Federal Archives.

Main actors

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Owen Wilson played Jedidiah. It's about the American actor, screenwriter and film producer. He is nominated for BAFTA and Oscar, category - "Best Original Screenplay". This was his work on the film "The Family of Tenenbaum". Nominated for Golden Globe, category - "Best male role". The work on the picture "Midnight in Paris" was marked. Known for scenic as well as acting reincarnations in the films: "Grand Budapest Hotel", "Night at the Museum", "Marley and I", "Getting to Know the Parents", "Shanghai Noon", "Rushmore Academy".
Ben Stiller embodied the image of Larry Daly. Amy Adams played Amelia Earhart, as well as a red-haired girl, who appears at the end of the movie called Tecc. Hank Azaria embodied the image of Abraham Lincoln, The Thinker and Kamunra. Robin Williams appeared in the film as Theodore Roosevelt.

Other heroes

Gaius Octavius ​​and Ivan the Terrible are individuals whoappear in the plot of the movie "Night at the Museum 2". Actors Steve Coogan and Christopher Guest embodied these images on the screen. Alain Shaba played Napoleon Bonaparte. John Berntal reincarnated in Al Capone. Ricky Gervais played Dr. McPhee. Bill Hader played the role of George Armstrong Custer. Patrick Gallagher played Attila. Thomas Morley embodied the image of Darth Vader. Jake Cherry played Nick Daley. Remy Malek appeared on the screen as Akmenra.

Mitsuo Peck played Sakagawa. Jay Baruzhel was given the role of sailor Joey Motorola. Moai speaks in the voice of Brad Garrett. The brothers Jonas played Cupid. Albert Einstein speaks in the voice of Eugene Levy. George Foreman played himself. Keith Powell and Craig Robinson appeared in the film as the first and second pilot. Ed Helms played the role of assistant Larry Daly. Thomas Lennon played Wilber Wright. John Hill embodied the image of Brandon. Ben Garant played Orville Wright. Clifton Murray and Albert Main acted as a sailor and a nurse kissing in the photo.

Interesting Facts

owen wilson
Now let us cite a few interesting facts aboutmovie "Night at the Museum 2". The actors were represented above. The film was mostly filmed in Vancouver. Some scenes took place in Washington at the Smithsonian Institution. The film "Night at the Museum 2" shows how Larry gets on a reproduction of a 1945 photograph and meets a sailor named Joey Motorola. Larry's phone comes by accident to him. Joey disassembles him first. After "invents" your phone. However, Motorola was established in 1928.

In 1947 Galvin Manufacturing is renamed according to the name of its most famous trademark. So the corporation got the name Motorola. You can say that in this sense, chronologically in the film it's all true. When the toy Einsteins help the hero, they sing a song called That's The Way. Under this composition, the hero Ben Stiller performed his dance at the disco in the movie "Slaughter couple." Ivan the Terrible claims that it must be called "Striking."

In the film appeared Oscar from "Sesame Street" and Darth Vader. Many of the exhibits, which are shown in the archive of the institute, are not part of the collection, in fact they are in museums in Europe and America.

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