The Salvador Dalí Festival in Moscow is a bright and spectacular event

In the 20 years of the last century in Franceformed a new direction in the visual arts - surrealism. Its main essence was the departure from naturalism. The transfer of the essence of man and the surrounding world was not realized through logical images, but through paradoxes and illusions. The confusion of visions, the hidden meaning, parallel worlds, the transmission of their vision of the world through the lens of forgetfulness filled the space of art paintings. Cognition was carried out not according to the laws of physics, but at the level of intuition.

The brightest artist of surrealism

Salvador Dali in Moscow

One of the most prominent representatives of surrealismis the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. In Moscow in early 2014, an exhibition of his works was held. This event became one of the brightest events of spring.

Genius was born in 1904 in Spain, in the town of Figueres. Talented boy already in 10 years showed interest in creativity, and in 15 held his first art exhibition.

He joined the movement of irrationality in 1929. Dali made a great contribution to the development of painting methods, which he himself called paranoid-critical, or methods of spontaneous cognition.

Exhibition of Salvador Dali in Moscow andSt. Petersburg introduced visitors to bizarre images in the artist's paintings that border between sleep and reality, blurring the boundaries between consciousness and forgetting.

Dali believed that surrealism is the most truthful genre, because in a state of semi-consciousness, the mind is freed from social taboos and is able to manifest its truth.

Dali Fest

paintings by Salvador Dali in Moscow

For everyone to be able to touchsymbolism of images of surrealism, to make an attempt to learn the magic significance of things, to awaken intuitive, unconscious feelings, on May 21-25, 2014 the Salvador Dali festival in Moscow was held under the name of Dali Fest.

The authors and sponsors approached the organization of the project.scale. Visitors were expected not only pictures of the famous artist, but also a demonstration of films, show programs, competitions, review lectures and master classes.

At the festival, many surreal paintings were exhibited. Salvador Dali in Moscow and St. Petersburg competed with modern art masters.

Famous works of Dali, who took part in theexhibition: "The Enigma of Hitler" (1937), The Dark Game (1929), The Dream (1937), The Great Masturbator (1929), The Hallucinogenic Torrero (1968-1970), The Temptation of St. Anthony (1946) ) and others.

The subjects of the genius paintings are diverse in their essence andcontent. They cover almost all relevant topics: beginning with man as a small element of being and ending with the global foundations of the universe. Salvador Dali's favorite topics were Nazism, the atomic bomb, civil revolutions, the secret meaning of life, the sexual revolution, the Catholic faith, science.

Tasks of the project

exhibition of Salvador Dali in Moscow

The main goals declared by the foundersThe festival was popularization of Dali's creativity - a brilliant and extraordinary representative of surrealism, strengthening of inter-regional and international cultural ties, searching for new talents and fresh ideas among the participants of the event, strengthening the status of Moscow as one of the largest centers of world culture.

One of the main ideas of the event wascreative level of the population and improving the quality of leisure time for young people, filling it with leisure worthy pursuits, distracting young people and the older generation from the gray life and everyday life.

Venue Dali Fest

the Salvador Festival was given in Moscow

Spring Festival of Salvador Dali in Moscowwas held on the site of the Center for Creative Industries (the center of creative industries) "Fabrika", which since 2005 has been providing its territories for all sorts of creative workshops and art studios. Also often there are various art projects: exhibitions, festivals, master classes, competitions and shows. In addition to short-term activities, long-term programs work fruitfully under the roof of the TSI.

Festival of Salvador Dali in Moscow "Factory"We hosted from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12-00 to 20-00, at the address: Perevedenovsky Lane, 18. Let's hope that this is not the last event of this scale and direction.

Festival of Salvador Dali in Moscow - results and further plans

Judging by the reviews of visitors and publications inThe press, the organizers of the project managed to get people interested in the novelty and insensitivity of the program In addition to the curious visitors, the festival received more than 300 participants - both Russians and foreigners. They were photographers, illustrators, artists and sculptors, theater artists, psychologists and many others.

Whole exhibition of Salvador Dali in Moscowpresented 63 surrealistic paintings. More than 25 cultural, entertainment and popular science events were held at the festival - installations of organized chaos, images created by Dali, ideas of aesthetic madness.

the Salvador Festival was given in Moscow

Inspired by the general atmosphere of creativity, visitors willingly took part in contests and educational master classes.

The festival organizers have officially promised to implement new shocking projects.

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