James Wilson: the character of the series "Doctor House"

The conscience of Dr. House and the "good guy." Who is James Wilson? Let's consider in detail.

First meeting

The spectator gets acquainted with the character of the series "DoctorHouse "in the first series, James Anthony Wilson seems to be the opposite of Dr. House himself - polite and friendly, he is not at all like a cynical and rude protagonist, and in the same episode, their relationship is shown - friendship, in spite of everything.

James Wilson


James Wilson is a quiet and intelligent person. House repeatedly noted his "softness" and "weak character". Outbursts of anger are not in his nature, but in this whirlpool still devils are found.

Because of these "devils" it is difficult to say unambiguously what role in the relationship with the main character is performed by Wilson.

James and House share many similarities - bothmanipulators and enjoy it, both are not averse to acting in order to achieve their goals, both are prone to depression. The difference is that House does not hide its negative features.

On the other hand, Wilson can not be calledhypocrite - he sincerely sympathizes with patients and tries to help. In addition, the character does not defy the rules and often is the "voice of morality". He is diplomatic and usually likes people.


In the hospital "Princeton-Placeborough" James WilsonHe holds the post of head of the oncology department. His work is closely related to death, so he often has to report bad news. House believes that Wilson has the talent to do it in such a way that he is thanked.

House also admits that Wilson is a good doctor.

Relations with women

James Anthony Wilson
James Wilson was married three times and in the secondseason show is divorced with a third wife. All his three wives were according to house theory "needy" and left him, like his patients, as soon as James "cured" them.

In the middle of season 4 Wilson begins to meet withEmber "Merciless Bitch" Volakis - former intern of House, who did not pass a rigorous selection at the beginning of season 4. Their relationship is becoming more serious with each series. For an agreeable Wilson, Amber becomes an ideal lead partner.

There is a theory that Wilson likes"Merciless Bitch" because she is a female prototype of House. But they have a positive effect on each other: Amber relaxes, and James learns to make his own choice.

Perhaps Volakis would be the last Mrs. Wilson, but the writers reasoned otherwise.

Friendship with House

When James Wilson appears on the screen,there is a feeling that he and House are familiar with the school bench - his parents know genius, and the genius knows the three former wives of Wilson. The history of dating friends is only revealed in season 5 of the show.

As James himself said, their friendship was based onbored House. They met at a medical conference and, in short, Wilson broke an antique mirror, in an attempt to get House to turn off the song on the jukebox. House paid Wilson a bail when he was arrested, because he "needed a drinking companion."

wilson james house

Although Wilson can be called the "conscience" of House, and theirfriendship is often called the attraction of opposites, it's not quite true. Friends are equally joking each other (not always in a good way), make insane bets and bet. In one of the series, they even compete for a woman. This series shows that Wilson, like House, always goes to the end.

Wilson does not carry away the humble jokes of geniusfriend - he can quite secretly podpilit his cane. He also tries to re-educate the latter behind House, but does so in such a way as to give the impression that Lisa Cuddy (the head physician of the hospital) is responsible for the idea.

At the same time, Wilson often defends and tries to justify House.

The final of the series also shows how much House appreciates James and how many are ready to sacrifice for him.

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