Armor in "Terraria": features and varieties

Today we will talk about what can be the armor in the "Terraria". Before this game was officially introduced, this element had a different appearance and animation effects.


armor in the terrarium
Armor in the "Terraria" consists of certain parts. These include protective elements that reduce the amount of damage that is dealt to the character. Most of the types of armor are created on the anvil or on its orihalkovym or mithril analogues. Other similar elements are made on a workbench or beat out of monsters. You should also know that the miner's helmet can be purchased from the trader, paying him 8 gold coins. Each of the armor sets gives the character a special bonus in the case of a complete set. Some parts of such kits can not increase protection when they are placed on social slots. However, they will visually be displayed on the character.


Chlorophytic, holy, adamantite, mithril andCobalt armor in the "Terraria" is available. As a basis for a bonus use a helmet. Most often this applies to analogues. Meteorite armor is similar to the silver armor in terms of protection, provided the complete set. In turn, the armor of the jungle is similar to the golden one. Mushroom protective kit increases the damage inflicted by different types of weapons.


reservation in the terrarium
To zero level is the wooden armor in"Terraria". The kit adds one item to the defense and consists of a leggings, a breastplate and a helmet. Each of the elements, except the first, adds a +1 bonus. The level of full protection is +3. This solution is suitable for beginners. It is easy to manufacture, but this package looks wonderful.

Next, we will discuss armor from mahogany. The kit with an additional bonus +1 includes a breastplate, a helmet and boots. Each of the elements individually also gives the hero a +1 point. As for full protection, here it reaches +4.

Now we should talk about armor, for the manufacture of which northern wood is used. Here the main indicators are similar to the previous ones, but the set includes leggings, a breastplate and a helmet.

Next in line is armor, as material for which palmwood is used. The main characteristics are identical to the above-described variant.

Next, we will discuss ebonite wood, and ifmore precisely, the reservation in the "Terraria", created from this material. A set with the usual bonus +1 consists of a helmet (+1), a bib (+2) and a shoe (+1). Full protection reaches +5. Also in the game there is armor, for the production of which is used shadow wood with a similar level of characteristics.

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