Patrick de Funes: biography, family, photo

Everyone perfectly remembers the wonderful comediesfilms with the legendary Louis de Funes, such as "The Little Bather" (1968) or a whole series of movies about the gendarme. However, few people know that the great actor has two sons from the second marriage: Patrick de Funes, which will be discussed in this article, and Olivier. Read more about the older one.

Patrick de Funes: Biography

Louis de Funes whole conscious life dreamed ofcreate a whole actor's dynasty. However, his sons chose a different field of activity. His youngest son Olivier became a pilot, and the elder, Patrick, a doctor. However, at a fairly young age, both sons managed to star in several films.

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Patrick de Funes was born on January 27, 1944. Already from a young age, despite the pressure from his father, who wanted his sons to become actors, Patrick decided to build a career in a cardinally different sphere of activity.

After graduating from the university as a doctor, he becamepractice medical practice. In medicine, he reached a rather high altitude. In many respects, his positive approach to work and to life as a whole contributed to this. In addition, his profession, which he chose consciously, liked him. His favorite business brought him not only money, but also a sense of satisfaction from his own activities and achievements.

"Do not talk too much about me, my children!"

Patrick de Funes and Olivier de Funes, whose photosyou can see below, together with his mother wrote a book dedicated to their legendary father. The book contains the memories of sons about their father, and they, unlike the pleasant humorous memories of fans of the great comedian, in many ways not happy.

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For example, Louis de Funes was almost completea copy of those heroes, whom he played in the movies. And if in comic films an eccentric squire called a smile, then in life, Louis was so greedy that it almost reached a manic state. Of course, this behavior of the head of the family reflected extremely negatively on the relationships within the family.

However, this does not mean that the book contains only negative and negative memories of Louis de Funes, on the contrary, most of the book is nevertheless devoted to pleasant moments.

One of its most important pluses issincerity, and also authenticity, because it is written according to the brothers' own memories. Nobody can describe Louis de Funes more accurately than his own children. After all, they knew him, even when they were children. The book is written without embellishments and reflects personal memories and feelings of the actor's sons.

Patrick de Funes: Filmography

Despite the fact that Patrick did not build an acting career, he still took part in the creation of several films, mostly a documentary genre, where he acts as himself.

patrick de funes biography

Among these films are the following:

  • "Louis de Funes, or the art of making laugh" (2003);
  • "Two against Fantômas: De Funes and Koenigson" (2010).

In addition to documentaries relatedmainly with the personality of his famous father, Patrick de Funes was also featured in several television series, including "Long Live Sunday" (TV series, 1998 - ...), "Everybody Says" (TV series, 1998 - 2006) and "You disturb everyone sleep "(series, 2006 - ...).

Almost all of his acting is limited to the above-mentioned TV-projects and documentary films.

However, in addition to his work in film as an actor,he is a documentary film screenwriter about his father, Louis de Funes: Man-Comedy (2003). This work is considered the most significant cinematic work of Patrick de Funes.

Personal life

Everyone knows the outstanding French actor Louis de Funes, who is the father of Patrick, but few know his mother, his wife Louis.

The mother of the sons of Louis, Patrick and Olivier, is Jeanne de Barthelemy, who was the grand-niece of the world-famous French writer Guy de Maupassant.

About Patrick's personal life, practically nothing is known, since he is not a media personality and does not seek to advertise his private life.

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Patrick was never married, unlike his brother. He also does not have any children. All his life he devoted to work, in which he achieved considerable success.

Medical activity

Becoming a professional doctor, Patrick de Funes did notlost his sense of humor, inherited from his father. Even serious scientific work on medicine Patrick managed to fill with unique humor and originality.

Patrick is a cardiologist, specialist in mammography.

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It is by the eccentricity and extravagance of his scientific medical works that Patrick became famous in the narrow circles of professional medical staff.

To date, he is deservedly considered one of the most outstanding doctors who were engaged in medical practice in the second half of the XX century.

Writing activities

In addition to the already mentioned book "Do not talk too much about me, my children!", Written together with his brother, Patrick is the author of several other literary works.

Patrick de Funes photo with family

Unfortunately, other books written by Patrick are not translated into Russian, so you can find them only in the original language, that is, in French. The names of the books in French sound like this:

  • Médecin malgré moi, Le Cherche midi (2008). In this literary work, Patrick tells the story of his professional medical activity, as well as how he chose his profession. In fact, this book is his memoir.
  • La Folie de la grandeur, Le Cherche midi (2012). This book is also autobiographical and traditionally for Patrick is filled with sparkling humor and self-irony.

Patrick's literary talent is that, thanks toto which he became famous. It was at the expense of Patrick's ability to express his thoughts beautifully in the text of the documentary Louis de Funes: The Comedy Man (2003), the script to which he wrote, was one of the best documentaries about the legend of the French humor and family cinema Louis de Funes .

A family

Unlike his younger brother and father, Patrick de Funes, whose family is known quite a lot, does not advertise the details of his personal life.

Patrick de Funes and Olivier de Funes photo

Therefore, one can reliably say only that,that he has a brother and a joint brother - on his father, on his first marriage. Almost everything is known about his parents, it's not to say anything.

The legendary father of Patrick is known all over the world, and in France he is a cult personality, which any Frenchman knows and remembers.

Above you can see Patrick de Funes in the photo with his family almost in full.

There are not many such photographs preserved,so this photo is of special interest both from fans of creative activity of Louis de Funes, and from people who are interested in the identity of his son Patrick.


Let's summarize the results. The eldest son from the second marriage did not follow in the footsteps of the famous actor, although his father very much wanted to. Louis de Funes dreamed of a whole dynasty of film actors, but fate decreed somewhat differently.

Despite the fact that all three sons of Louis de Funesthey took part in filming a whole series of films, they can not be called professional actors, because each of them left the film industry, realizing that the cinema and the acting career do not suit them.

Patrick in his youth managed to act in severalfilms, and then almost completely switched to medicine. However, he nevertheless continued from time to time to work in the film industry, but already as a screenwriter, not an actor.

Despite the impressive contribution of Patrick de Funesin medicine and cinematography, he was most famous for his writings, and first of all, written together with his younger brother Olivier, a book of memories of their father.

By the way, this book was highly appreciated not onlyliterary critics and readers, but also the brothers' own mother, who was very grateful to her sons, that they immortalized the memory of their father in this way.

Largely due to the fact that the sons of Louis deFunes remember and honor his legendary father, write books about him, participate in filming documentaries about him, the memory of the great actor not only does not fade away, but with the years it grows ever stronger.

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