Actor Jason Patrick: biography, photo. Best movies and TV shows

Jason Patrick is a talented actor who playeda key role in the second season of the popular series "Pines". In this mystical teleproject he embodied the image of the noble Dr. Theo. "The Missing Guys", "My Guardian Angel", "Fort Alamo", "Sleeping", "In El Valley", "Incognito" - famous films with his participation. What can you say about an American?

Jason Patrick: Family, Childhood

Star of the fantastic series "Pines" appearedto the light in New York, it happened in June 1966. Jason Patrick is a man who was lucky enough to be born in a creative family. He is grandson to the famous actor Jackie Gleason, who was remembered by the audience for the films "Billiard player", "Smokey and Bandit", "Toy." With the world of cinema was connected and the father of the star, Jason Miller can be seen in the paintings "The Exorcist", "Rudy", "Devil's Advocate", "Daylight". The brother of Jason Joshua became an actor.

Jason Patrick

Interest in the world of dramatic art JasonPatrick showed in school years. He performed well in the amateur productions of "Brionlin" and "Dracula". By the time the school was over, the boy no longer doubted his desire to become an actor.

First roles

For the first time the young man was on the setsite in 1985. Jason Patrick's filmography began with the drama "Hard Love", in which he performed one of the central roles. The following year the young lycée embodied the image of one of the key characters in the fantastic action movie "The Children of the Sun". The picture tells of the adventures of a group of orphans who try to protect the newcomer. A good cast did not save the tape, it failed to interest the audience.

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The first fans appeared in Jason thankshorror film "The Missing Guys", published in 1987. The actor convincingly played the American teenager Michael, who, together with his family, moved to a quiet town where strange things were happening. Gradually, with the hero begin to occur inexplicable changes that frighten his family.

Films with his participation

Thanks to the horror film "The Missing Guys" JasonPatrick became a sought-after actor. He starred in the war movie "The Beast", telling about the events that took place during the Afghan war. Then the actor performed interesting roles in the films "After dark, my dear," "Frankenstein released," "Denial," "Kaif."

Jason Patrick

In 1993, Jason was offered one of the keyroles in the western "Geronimo: The American Legend". He shared the set with Matt Damon and Robert Duvall. The picture tells of the struggle of American soldiers with the tribe of Indians. Patrick embodied the image of desperate Lieutenant Charles Gatewood.

The actor does not hesitate to refuse roles, ifheroes do not seem to him interesting. For example, he could play a key character in the "Firm", in the end it was done by Tom Cruise. Rejected Jason and the proposal to embody the image of Jesus in the Passion of Christ. In 2002, the picture "Narcobaron" with his participation came out, he portrayed a member of the anti-drug department.

What else to see

What other Jason Patrick movies are worthy ofattention of spectators? In 2004, the light saw the historical drama "Fort Alamo", the plot of which is borrowed from real life. The picture tells of the events that occurred during the struggle of the Mexican army with insurgent detachments. In this dynamic tape, distinguished by an abundance of battle scenes, the actor played the role of James.

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The main role went to the star in the drama "WalkerPayne. " The film tells the story of a man who is trying to make a living with the help of his faithful dog. Then came the paintings "Expired," "In El Valley," "Downloading Nancy," "My Guardian Angel," "Luzers," "Keyhole," "Love, Sex and Los Angeles." Of the relatively new films with Jason, you can note "Outcast", "Prince", "Abandoned", "Lost and Found."

A special mention deserves a fantasticthe series "Pines", which is still being shot. In this mystical television project, Patrick embodied the image of Dr. Theo, who wakes up in a mysterious city and is forced to survive in an unfamiliar world. His character appeared in the second season.

Personal life

Jason Patrick's biography contains many darkstains. For example, little is known about the personal life of the star of the TV project "Pines", as he does not like to discuss this topic with journalists. One can say with certainty that he has a son Gus, whose mother has no information.

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