Patrick J. Adams: Biography and Career

Today it will be about the next talented Canadian actor.

Patrick J. Adams is an actor best known to the domestic audience on the American television series "Force Majeure", where he played the role of Mike Ross. At the moment the actor turned 35 years old.

Patrick Jay Adams


Patrick J. Adams was born on August 27, 1981 inthe city of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). When the boy turned 12, his parents divorced, and he moved to Los Angeles. A few years later Adams will enter the University of Southern California, which the young man will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Immediately after receiving his education, Patrickwill offer several secondary roles in such TV series as "Jack and Bobi", "Strong Medicine", "Detective Rush", also the beginning actor will play a small role in the film "The Old Temper."

In early 2009, Adams began to meet withAmerican film actress Troyen Bellisario, and in mid-February 2014 the couple announced an engagement. It will be another two years, and Adams and Troyen will play a wedding, the ceremony will take place in California.

TV series

Having played small roles in the series "Jack and Boby" and "Strong Medicine", in 2005 Patrick Jay Adams immediately appeared in several new series:

  • "Near the house" - a novice actor played the role of Paul.
  • "Roman by correspondence" - The role of Set.
  • "Orpheus" - Barry.

Patrick J. Adams movies

In the period from 2006 to 2010, Patrick began to appear on the screen more often and played in 13 more TV series that were broadcast on TV:

  • "Numbers" - Bennett Adam.
  • "Woman-President" - in the role of Colin James.
  • "Friday Night Lights" - Hayes Connor.
  • "Without a trace" - Clark Adam.
  • "Staying alive" - ​​Peter Talbot.
  • "Heart" - played the character of Henry Gilliam.
  • "Good behavior" is a pilot.
  • "Marine police" - Tommy Doyle.
  • "Speaker with ghosts" - Horn Linus.
  • "Dealers" - Jack Carson.
  • "Remember what will happen" - Ed.
  • "Lovely deceivers" - Hardy.
  • "Cupid" - played Joe Adams.

After many roles, Patrick J. Adams receiveda proposal from Aaron Korsch, who in 2011 launched a new and, as it turns out in the future, a successful project of "Force Majeure". Adams got the regular role of Mike Ross, for which the actor will later receive a prize for the best male role played in the drama series. Today the shooting is taking place.


After 2008, most directors sawanother young promising star - it was Patrick Jay Adams. Films with his participation began to appear in cinemas and on TV screens. The most famous of them are listed below:

  • "Synoptic" - the role of Byron.
  • "Left three days" - character Doug Corss.
  • "Anger" is Doyat.
  • Dead in the Room - Roger.
  • "Rule of six months" - Julian.

Patrick J. Adams is one of the mosttalented actors, his ability to play and get used to the role is always on top. We wish more serious roles to this talent, we hope to see Adams more often on the screens of our TV sets.

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