Winners of the "New Wave" from 2002 to 2015. The contest "New Wave" in Sochi

In 2016 the competition of young artists "Newwave ", as well as in 2015, is planned to be held in Sochi. Before that, it became a tradition to hold it in Jurmala. "New Wave" was a kind of continuation of the contest among young performers of "Jurmala", held on the shores of the Gulf of Riga until 1990.

winners of a new wave

Start. The "New Wave" in 2002-2006

For the first time this musical competition was heldonly 12 years after the closed "Jurmala", namely in 2002, but, nevertheless, after the premiere it became clear that the "New Wave" will quickly gain popularity among the audience. For the first time there were 15 participants. The winners of the "New Wave 2002" duet Smash, whose participants at that time were future celebrities and girls' favorites - Vlad Topalov and Sergei Lazarev. Young performer Dima Bilan, who was able to take only fourth place, at the moment became a mega-famous and popular singer. Among the star guests were Toto Cutugno, Philip Kirkorov, prima donna Alla Pugacheva and many other celebrities.

In 2003, the winner of the title of the winner"The New Wave" was the red-haired beauty Anastasia Stotskaya, guests were then Patricia Kaas, Ingrid, Sarah Konor and many Russian stars. In 2004, the winners of the "New Wave" won the group "Cosmos", the second place winner was Irina Dubtsova.

The host of concerts in 2005 was Alla herselfBorisovna Pugacheva. Then Intars Busulis from Latvia won, second place was rightfully won by Tina Karol, and the third place was awarded to Polina Gagarina. In 2006, at the contest "New Wave" won the American singer La Rose, the second place was won by Italian Gianni Fiorellino, and the third was taken by Sofiko from Georgia.

contest the new wave of winners

Competition "New Wave". Winners of 2007-2009

In 2007, the owner of the first place wasMoldovan Natalia Gordienko, Erglis from Latvia and the duo "Barcelona" from Ukraine shared the second place, the owner of the honorary third place was Marina from Poland.

The winners of the "New Wave" in 2008 - the duoGeorgia. The second place was given to the referee Iris Russian woman, and the third went to the Italian Alessandro Ristori. The guests of the contest were not only celebrities of the Russian stage, but also world stars - Robin Gibb, Montserrat Caballe, Joe Cocker.

"New Wave" in 2009 distinguished itself by the fact thather first place was shared by Ukrainian Jamala and Indonesian Sondoro Sandhy. The award from the most prima donna - Alla Pugacheva - was received by the Ukrainian Mila Nytych. The second place was awarded to the Italian singer Antonello Carozza, the third was the Russian singer Yusim Mark.

Anniversary, tenth "New Wave"

In 2010, the contest was won by the singerfrom Armenia - Sona Shahgeldyan, Ukrainian performer Tatyana Shirko won the deserved second place, and Uku Suviste from Estonia decided to give the third place to the judge. In 2011, the jubilee, tenth contest "New Wave" was held. In honor of him, an extensive celebratory program was organized. Many events took place in Jurmala and Riga. 16 performers took part in the competition. Defeated talented guy from America Jaden Felder. The second place was given to the Ukrainian Masha Sobko by right, and the third group was NAOOMI from Russia.

performance of the winners of the New wave

Winners 2012, 2013, 2014

In 2012, the owner of the first place "Newwave "became the Russian Nilufar Rasulmuhamedova, the second place was given to Constanta del Pinto from Italy, and the third place was won by Maria Yaremchuk from Ukraine. Then this competition differed from the previous ones in that in 2012 the judges' voting was open only on the first and second days of the competition, on the third day it was closed to preserve intrigue.

In 2013, the judges gave the victory to the Cubanartist Roberto Kael Torres. In the second place, the Georgian Salome Katamadze was deservedly, and the Vietnamese Vin Huat won the third place. The star guests were Lara Fabian, the famous singer Alessandro Safina and the popular Toto Cutugno.

In 2014, the victory went to the artist fromGeorgia Nutsa Buzaladze, the deserved second place was won by Ukrainian Victoria Petrik, the third - Vyacheslav Rybikov. Famous guests were Ricky Martin, Alessandro Safina and the irreplaceable Lara Fabian.

winners of a new wave in Sochi

"The New Wave-2015" in the Russian Sochi

In 2015, the competition involved 15performers. Who are they, the winners of the "New Wave" in Sochi? The title deservedly won Damir Kedzo from Croatia, who was in the lead from the first day. The second place was shared by Indonesian Millane Fernandez and Ademi from Kazakhstan, and the third judge was given to the Ukrainian group The Pringlez. Speech winners of the "New Wave" in 2015 struck all the guests and spectators of the contest. Unlike in previous years, the contest program lasted 10 days. On the "New Wave" in Sochi, world and Russian celebrities were invited, including E. Ramazotti, A. Pugacheva, F. Kirkorov, A. Netrebko, Valeriya, S. Shnurov and gr. "Leningrad", D. Bilan, P. Gagarin, N. Baskov, L. Vaikule, A. Varum, L. Agutin, O. Gazmanov, V. Presnyakov, S. Lazarev, A. Lorak, I. Dubtsova and others.

For the first time that the "New Wave-2015" will beis held not in Jurmala, but in the Russian Sochi, people heard from the mouth of the governor of the Krasnodar Territory. Later the information was confirmed by Igor Krutym. It happened because of the ban on the entry into Latvia of Russian stars: Valeria, Oleg Gazmanov and Joseph Kobzon. The Crimea was prepared for the contest, as well as the Russian cities of Kaliningrad, Kazan and others.

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