The festival is a festive event

In today's world, when most people are lost at work, trying to improve their financial situation, the only way to relax and enjoy life is a holiday.

But the usual festive events have no onenot surprising. Masters of applied art, musicians and poets were given the opportunity to show their skills to ordinary people through special mass festivities.

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Festival: the meaning of the word

The term came to Russian from French. But initially the "festival" is a Latin word. In translation, it means "festive".

A festival is an action that attracts a large number of people. Both participants and spectators.

The first such mass event waswas organized in the UK in the early eighteenth century. It was a music festival. But it should be said that such events can be related to various spheres of art.

Types of festivals

Such holidays can be devoted toTheatrical, circus, dance, music. In addition, recently there are festivals in which skilled craftsmen, gardeners, farmers and even cooks have the opportunity to show off their skills.

Festivals are held in closed rooms or pavilions, in open air or in cinemas.

festival meaning of the word

One of the most famous is the Cannes Festival. This event is held annually. Its purpose is to view and evaluate the best feature films created during the year.

It is impossible to bypass the world-famous"Oktoberfest" is a festival dedicated to the German traditions of brewing. Annually in Munich, about six million fans of the old drink are going. They come together not only from all over Germany, but from all over the world.

The festival is not just a holiday.Such an event makes it possible to recharge the fun and energy of actors, circus performers and musicians. In the days of the festival, someone can decide to change a profession or find a lot of interesting ideas for further development.

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