Festivals in Sochi-2017: music, culture, sports, entertainment

Sochi - the famous beautiful Russianresort, the pearl of the Krasnodar Territory, the longest inhabited locality in Russia and the first city of the country that, after Moscow, hosted the Olympic Games. However, they go here not only to bask under the southern gentle sun, plenty of splashing in the Black Sea and get acquainted with a galaxy of amazing local sights. Sochi is the center of the most interesting, cognitive, incendiary and colorful festivals.

Musical Festivals in Sochi

Heat, sea, eternal summer and live music - the perfect combination, you must agree. In Sochi you can enjoy musical compositions for every taste and color.

festivals in Sochi

"New wave". For political reasons, the famous festival of young performers has found a second homeland - Sochi (instead of the Latvian Jurmala). Especially for him was built the scene of New Wave Hall.

Sochi Jazz Festival. International annual jazz festivalmusic, held since 2010. In its framework it is possible not only to enjoy the creativity of world-class jazz performers, but also to attend seminars, master classes, jam sessions.

Sochi Music Weekend. A great festival of electronic music, taking place in mid-August.

Cultural festivals

Festivals in Sochi will allow you to touch the beautiful under the southern sun.

night league festival in Sochi

"Vivat, Russia!". International Festival of Sports Dance,which began its history in 2007. Competitions are conducted on two programs - European and Latin American. Spectators are given an amazing opportunity to admire tango, cha-cha-cha, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, samba, latin, rumba and jive.

"Kinotavr". The famous Russian film festival is heldin Sochi since 1991. "Kinotavr" is the offspring of Oleg Yankovsky and Mark Rudinshtein. It involves films in Russian or taken by Russian filmmakers, incl. in tandem with foreign ones. In addition to the main prize, special awards are awarded to short films, the best male and female roles, directorial work, music, the most talented debutants, etc.

"Kinotavrik". This is the name of the children's festival in Sochi,devoted to art and sport. It is held in October-November, beginning in 2001. Within its framework there is a competition for the best children's and youth film (including created by the forces of young creators), vocal, choreographic, fashion and theatrical competitions.

"Night of ad-perpetrators". The festival, which originated in distant France, will be held in Sochi for the seventh time in 2017. This is the rare chance to enjoy an advertisement that is more interesting than a movie.

"Ethno-Sochi". Festival promoting the friendship of peoples and interethnic tolerance.

Entertaining Festivals

Festivals in Sochi - this is an excellent occasion to give a rest to the soul and body.

night hockey league festival in Sochi

"Velvet Seasons". International Fashion Festival, which annuallyis held in October already since 1997. There is always something to admire and to be surprised, because its organizers are Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Lyudmila Ivanova.

"Battle of capitals". The largest hip-hop festival in the form of open-air. In addition to Sochi, it is traditionally taken by Perm (where it originated in 2010) and Moscow. Competitors of its participants in three areas: graffiti, breakdance, scratch and freestyle. Alas, the last time it was held in 2013, and the question of its revival is quite problematic.

"Ignition". Autosport festival where you can enjoykinds of retro-rally, ride a taxi on the track "Formula 1", see your own eyes figure driving, autorodeo, masters of drift and racing KAMAZ.

"Yumorina". The festival of humor and satire takes place in the city in early September.

"Beauty and grace". Within the framework of the festival you can face to face with the beauty industry. A rare chance to see how hairdressing masterpieces, amazing makeup, creations of nail design are created on your eyes.

KVN. Every year "Club of cheerful and resourceful" holds meetings of teams in Sochi.

"Sea of ​​beer". A great festival where you can learn absolutely everything about brewing.

Festival "Night League" in Sochi

First, let's define what it is - "Night League". This is the name of the Russian amateur hockey organization, which has no similar in the world, founded in 2011 on the initiative of V.V. Putin. Since 2013, the finals of this amateur championship have been held traditionally in the city of Sochi. It consists of three divisions:

  • "League of Dreams 18+";
  • "The League of Hopes 18+";
  • "Lover of 40+".

festival of the night hockey league in Sochi 2017

The last for the present, IV Festival"Night Hockey League", in Sochi was held from May 3 to 17, 2017. It was attended by more than 3000 players from 155 teams from 73 regions of the country! In the ice battle this time the winners were as follows:

  • "Stalker" from Moscow in the division "old men";
  • "The Forge" from Novokuznetsk in the "League of Dreams";
  • Chelyabinsk "Strike" in the League of Hopes.

The festival of the "Night Hockey League" in Sochi in 2017 showed the greatest interest of the public to the event. Organizers are sure that in 2018 it will be even more interesting and spectacular.

Sochi to everything else - a recognized capital of festivals for the most diverse spectator and participant. These events are held all year round, from here it is rarely boring.

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