All-Russian festival of pedagogical creativity - workshop for the exchange of experience

The All-Russian Festival of Pedagogical Creativity, held by the Association of Creative Teachers for several years, is a new and wonderful phenomenon.

This is a competition motivating to look for new methods, approaches, master technologies, and a wonderful workshop for sharing experiences, and the opportunity to receive material encouragement by becoming the best.

Who can participate

Any teacher, kindergarten teacher orgroup of the extended day, a specialist of a children's institution, a methodologist or a leader ready to share their findings, developments that will help successfully involve children in the process of acquiring knowledge, awaken in them a spark of desire to learn, who owns computer technologies, can send their developments to the Festival of Pedagogical Excellence.

festival of pedagogical creativity

Where passes

It's great that you do not need to participate in the contestanywhere to go or go. Absolutely does not matter where you live in the country. You do not need to cancel lessons, drop students during the school year, take administrative leave. The festival of pedagogical creativity takes place in virtual space. You must complete your work in accordance with the requirements set by the organizers, and send it in electronic form to the coordinates indicated in the position.


The Festival of Pedagogical Creativity of 2016-2017 is an absolutely free event for the participants.

Each participant fills in a form in which he indicates that he is obliged to observe the rules established by the regulations on the competition.

All works sent to the Festival are published in open access, to which the participant agrees upon presentation of works.

Each participant must upload ten or more works to the site, for each of which he will receive points.

Before placing the work, the participant should check them with the help of a special program - an antiplagiarist. The uniqueness of the text should be at least 70 percent.

Participation is allowed both individually and in co-authorship with a group of educators.


Festival of Pedagogical Creativityimplies the placement of works in two main areas: the work of teachers and students. More than one hundred sections on various disciplines of the school curriculum from elementary to high school, special subjects studied as elective courses, as well as in lyceums, colleges, universities, directions of educational work. Any teacher can choose a suitable section for himself.

All-Russian festival of pedagogical creativity


The festival of pedagogical creativity of the current academic year started on September 1 and will end on May 31, that is, the reception of works takes place during all the training months.

The final summary will be held on June 5. For ten days, the supporting documents will be issued to the participants. 10-15 June - the days of awarding the winners.

All-Russian Festival of Pedagogical Creativity


Participants receive documents confirmingdistribution of pedagogical experience (diploma of the participant), and the administration of the educational institution, the management of education and the certification commission - letters of thanks. Letters for educational departments and attestation commissions are sent to all teachers participating in the competition for their intended purpose (they are not duplicated for the teacher-participant).

It's great that the competition is held separatelyevery month, the results are summed up accordingly, which enables the participants to fight for the victory on a monthly basis. The first 10 teachers, who received the highest number of points, receive cash prizes equal to one hundred thousand rubles. This can be a good motivator to pay attention to the All-Russian Festival of Pedagogical Creativity, the results of which can present such a surprise. It should be remembered that all prizes are awarded in June.

More details about the rules for participants of the All-Russian Festival of Pedagogical Creativity can be found on the official website.</ span </ p>

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