President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman. Milosh Zeman: political activity

As Vladimir Putin says, politics is a verycomplex and dangerous. In the current European community there are few leaders who have the courage to express their own opinion. One of them is the president of the Czech Republic, Zeman. Milosh, his name is so, has repeatedly provoked a flurry of criticism in his address over the past few years. His direct and honest position jeopardizes European solidarity. And President Milos Zeman himself is a very interesting figure. Let's talk about it.

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Milosh Zeman: Biography

A person is being forged by the circumstances with which hehave to face in life. A special influence on the formation of character has a childhood. This truth is proved by President Zeman. Milosz was born in September 1944. It was a very difficult time. There was the Second World War. In addition, his mother soon after the birth divorced from her husband, who left his son only the name Zeman. Milos grew up in an incomplete family. Therefore, at an early age, he had to learn to make decisions and take responsibility for himself. My mother taught at school, my son was the only man in the family. For his future career, he chose the economic direction. But in high school wrote an essay, which caused criticism of teachers. Zeman Milos was deprived of the right to enter the university.

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I had to make a living. He worked in a construction company. Only in 1965 he was allowed to study further. He chose Prague's VES. The future leader of the Czech Republic was engaged in it in absentia, as the mother could not provide him with enough money for higher education. In 1969, he received a diploma and became a teacher of VES.

The beginning of political career

You probably remember that Czechoslovakiabelonged to the socialist camp. Speech against the system in those days was punishable. As a member of the Communist Party, Zeman Miłosz managed to openly criticize the entry of Warsaw Pact forces into the country. He called this act an occupation, for which he was expelled from the HRC. This was his first political experience. Further, before the collapse of the socialist camp, he did not engage in public activities. All the time Zeman devotes himself to research work. If you consider that his diploma was called "Futurology and the future", it is clear that he devoted himself to the study of methods for building a prosperous society. Since 1990, for two years, the future president Milosh Zeman worked in the Academy of Sciences, more precisely, the planning institute. At the same time he was elected a deputy of the country's parliament. The research experience and the knowledge gained greatly helped in the state activity. The popularity of Zeman was growing. However, there were troubles ahead, which can be called a test of fortitude.

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Responsibility is the main quality of a politician

Zeman's work in parliament was noticedvoters. He was considered a very responsible person, a reliable leader. In 1998, he took office - deservedly, and the chairman of the Government, as the leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party. His decisions and political position allowed to hope for the people's support in the forthcoming presidential elections. The calculation, according to experts, was correct, but the reality presented an unpleasant surprise. Zeman nominated himself for the 2003 presidential election. At that time he was a member of the Social Democratic Party (Social Democratic Party). This force was considered very influential, that is, Zeman had to support. However, he lost the election in the first round. He was simply betrayed. The second person in the party, Stanislav Gross, arranged a provocation, as a result of which even the SDHR members cast their votes to Zeman's rival. This situation led to an irreconcilable conflict in the leadership of the party. In 2007, the future president parted company with comrades who turned out to be unreliable schemers.

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Between the people and the elite

It's no secret that the electorate oftenfrom the point of view of the leading layer of the candidate. With exactly this situation faced the Czech Republic. Zeman Milos was rightfully enjoyed the love of the population. He is respected for his honesty, integrity, openness. In addition, working in the state system, he proved by his deeds that he places paramount importance on the interests of the country and its inhabitants, and is ready to defend them in every possible way. This "revolutionary" did not fit into the tolerant elite of the European Union. Moreover, the situation in the world began to heat up. The West rallied before the threats coming from Russia and China.

The peak of power

In 2012, the Czech Republic hosted the first directelection of the head of state. It was a chance. And Milos Zeman used it. He put forward his candidacy for the presidency. In the first round, 25% of the population of the republic voted for him. In the second, he was the winner, ahead of the rival, Karl Schwarzenberg, by 9%. He joined the office in 2013. After some time, Zeman was again on the front pages of the media. His adherence to principles showed itself again.

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Zeman and Russia

With the onset of the Ukrainian conflict, the world facedthe threat of a new cold war. Opinions and assessments of Western leaders differed from the position of the Russian president on this issue. It came to the point that the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War together with the peoples of Russia did not want to celebrate the heads of other countries - members of the anti-Hitler coalition. Czech President Milos Zeman was the only representative of the collective West, who dared to go against the majority. He came to Moscow on May 9, stood next to Vladimir Putin, stressing that he is against lies and injustice. In his opinion, Europe is obliged to feel gratitude to the Russian soldier for liberation from fascism. That he demonstrated on behalf of his people, calling upon himself another series of attacks. However, this did not break President Zeman. He is consistent in his own views, never bends under the commands of Brussels and Washington. On the Victory Parade in China in September 2015, he again was in the ranks of those who consider the defeat of fascism an important milestone in the development of mankind. The story does not end there. The future will judge who is right: the elites of the Czech Republic, referring to Zeman with contempt and fear, or a people who gave him sympathy and expressed confidence.

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