Boris Yegorov is an astronaut who conquered the cosmos and not one female heart

Boris Yegorov - the cosmonaut, who is the 13th inaccount throughout the world has been outside the planet. He is one of the first nine Soviet cosmonauts. Boris Egorov is an astronaut and a doctor who, in the number of three such professionals, worked in orbit. This man was in love with the most beautiful women of the Union, he himself was very amorous. How did it all start?

Egorov Boris - an astronaut whose personal life is interesting to all citizens, has become the hero of our today's article.

boris egorov astronaut

Fictional story

A lot of stories and legends about Yegorov Boris go around the country. Many can be called truthful, but there is one that is completely far from the truth.

Boris Egorov is an astronaut, the son of the well-known neurosurgeon Boris Egorov in the Soviet Union. He, like his father, graduated from the medical institute, devoted much of his time to research.

They say that he got into space by the brunt. Allegedly Yegorov Boris Sr. personally approached the Queen Sergey Pavlovich, having learned that the orbit will be sent to the doctor to work on the research. And Korolyov, at the request of a reputable doctor, approved his son for this space expedition.

But this is not true. Fiction and lies. Simply at this time, the son and father practically did not communicate. The cause of the disorder was the new wife of Yegorov the elder. He married for the second time after the death of his wife - Yegorov's mother, Younger. The son could not understand his father - why do you need this woman in the house? Only himself later became a famous heartthrob, and did not hide it.

boris yegorov astronaut and his wife

Wives of Boris Egorov (cosmonaut). Wife number 1

Egorov was very handsome: he had fair-haired hair, bright green eyes, snow-white smile and a tight body. Among other things, Boris Egorov is an astronaut, a hero, and women like them very much.

But his first wife still did not know which heroher husband when she married him. They were students, each in love with each other, each of them thought it was forever. A son was born in the family, but even this fact did not save the family when it appeared ...

boris yegorov astronaut and his wife

Wife number 2

It was a beautiful brunette from the popular movie "Three plus two" - Natalia Fateeva. It was she who broke the heart of a married and already famous cosmonaut.

Acquaintance, which happened accidentally, radically changesall the idea of ​​the family of Boris Yegorov. He found out Fateyeva's phone number through hundreds of acquaintances, and how the obsessive began to call his passions several times a day!

Having learned that Natalia is resting in the Crimea, heHe immediately jumped into his Buick Electro and dashed off into the embrace of a brunette. By the way, at that time to have a foreign car of this level was very prestigious. There were less than ten such people in the country!

Fast driving is another passion of Yegorov, the bravest people were afraid of him! But this is not about this speech, but about the new enthusiasm of cosmonaut Yegorov.

They lived together for two years, but were not painted,because the first wife refused to give a divorce. When, at last, Boris Yegorov (cosmonaut) and his wife came to an agreement, the wedding of Fateeva and her hero took place.

wife of Boris Yegorov, astronaut

Natalia had many admirers, she herself more than onceadmitted that she was cheating on her husband, but she did not see anything shameful about it. When their daughter turned a year and nine months old, Yegorov left the family. He no longer saw his daughter, because he did not consider her his. And he left not because of his wife's betrayal, just her friend was better, although she was not so beautiful.

Wife number 3

And who is this woman?Also star of the movie "Three plus two" - Natalia Kustinskaya, the same blonde! Kustinskaya was just happy that she was able to take the man away from her more beautiful and successful girlfriend, at least, so say him and her friends.

With this woman, Boris Egorov lived for twenty years,but they had no children. When they came together, Natasha had a two-year-old son Mitya, who became the cosmonaut's favorite child. Egorov Mitya adopted, and left with him when he decided to divorce his mother.

Yegorov Boris Borisovich cosmonaut

Boris quickly took a great interest in women, but alsoquickly and cooled to them. His only hobbies in life and to the end of the days were cars and scientific research. He had his own brainchild - the scientific laboratory of biotechnology, and later the whole institute! This hobby Boris left only in 1992, because health did not allow spending a lot of time there.

So, we again digressed, who was the last wife of the cosmonaut?

Wife number 4 and his last hobby

Tatyana Alekseevna, who was a dentist,became his last life friend. They met in her dentistry office, where Egorov Boris (cosmonaut) came to treat teeth. The personal life of this man acquired meaning when he fell in love again!

With Tatyana, Boris was really happy, hemany times told her that she regrets that her teeth did not get sick twenty years ago! Tatiana was with Boris nearby, when he was getting worse. He started serious heart problems. She urged him to go to the hospital, but the husband was obstinate, continued to work.

September 12, 1994, almost next to the house, inthe main building of the House of Cosmonauts, died at the hands of his wife from a blockage of the pulmonary artery, Boris Yegorov (astronaut). And his wives attended the funeral, and his children. Fadeeva's daughter, whom he saw in infancy, also came to say goodbye to her father.

And yet, how did Boris Egorov get into space?

Egorov Boris Borisovich - an astronaut or a doctor?Both. While studying at the institute, he worked part-time at the laboratory of the Institute of Air and Space Medicine. After receiving the diploma of a talented young man they decided to work in a secret institution. There our physician began preparations for a flight into space. He jumped with a parachute, was engaged in scuba diving, although no one had invited him to fly! He seemed to feel that this would happen.

yegorov boris cosmonaut personal life

After the flight of Yuri Gagarin, Boris asked forgroup of astronauts, but because of myopia it is not accepted. But the finest hour came when three scientists had to be sent into orbit to work with secret materials. Then it was our turn to fly to our hero!

This man achieved everything himself, no matter what they say about him. Without his father's help, he diligently went to his goal and became a real astronaut!

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