Political observer and journalist Valentin Zorin: biography

Valentin Zorin is the master of politicaljournalism. He was a publicist, international political observer, author and host of television and radio programs, an American historian, the author of many books.

More than a quarter of a century from the screen of TVs hetold about the situation in the world, interviewed the first persons of the states, his opinion and estimates were trusted by millions of spectators. Many of the modern journalists can say that the main authority in the profession for them was Valentin Zorin.


The life and work of the journalist were fullaccomplishments, he had a vivid interest in his work, in expanding his own horizons, as well as a desire to convey information to the audience and readers in full.

Some milestones of biography:

  • 1943 - admission to the newly openedFaculty of International Journalism at Moscow State University. Valentin Zorin became a student of the first group of the legendary educational institution, which later received a separate status: the Moscow Institute of International Relations, it happened in December 1944.
  • 1948 - graduation and distribution to the first place of service.
  • From 1948 to 1955 he worked as a columnist at the International Department at the All-Union Radio. During the same period, he began to conduct a radio program "A View from Moscow", broadcast in the US.
  • From 1955 to 1965 at the All-Union Radio performsduties of deputy editor in chief of the news program. During this period, the first foreign trip (1956) to England was held as part of the delegation, where Khrushchev and Bulganin were present. During the meetings Valentin Zorin conducted direct radio reports.

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Scientist and TV host

Careers V.S. Zorin was developing rapidly, like every talented persevering person. In addition to journalistic activities, he became a scientist, TV presenter and in this field brought a lot of benefits to society.

  • During the years 1965-1967. was engaged in teaching activities at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was entrusted with the training of international journalists as the head of the department.
  • In addition to his work as a teacher, since 1965 ZorinValentin Sergeevich became a columnist for the Central Television and Radio of the USSR on political issues. Established unit was introduced for the first time, and Zorin became the legislator of traditions, high level of professionalism in work.
  • In 1967 Valentin Zorin becomes one of thethe founders of the Institute for the Study of the USA and Canada, in the scientific institution is engaged in administrative and research activities as head of the internal policy department.
  • At the turn of the 70's and 80's from the TV screens hetells about the world political situation, being the host of the TV programs "Today in the World", "America of the Seventies", "9th Studio", especially the audience remembers the "International Panorama" program.
  • In 1997, Zorin Valentin Sergeyevich became the first deputy chairman in the Federation of Peace and Harmony, and also received the title of honorary president in this organization.
  • Since 2000, the radio company Golos Rossii has been engaged in journalistic and political activities as a columnist.

Zorin Valentin Sergeevich

International Journalism

The activity of the pen worker consists inquality and truthful reporting of all the information to the mass reader, viewer, listener. Valentin Zorin saw his task in this. The journalist interviewed many foreign figures, politicians, presidents. Among them were Charles de Gaulle, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kessinger, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and many others. He was entrusted with the first faces of the USSR and gladly gave interviews to Leonid Brezhnev, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nikita Khrushchev, Yuri Andropov.

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Expert of international relations

In addition to journalism, Valentin Zorinapplied his experience and knowledge, being an adviser in delegations conducting complex negotiations, for example during the historic meeting of N. Kosygin with Johnson. On the shoulder, he was also an expert in the negotiations held at the highest state level. His advice was used by M. Gorbachev in negotiations with Rockefeller, Ford, Kessinger and others. Also, the journalist and scientist took an expert part in the work of the three UN sessions from the delegation of the USSR. As a man who gave much to the cause of international politics, he believed that the interests of his state and their defense are the only important strategy, all the rest is tactics.

Valentin Zorin the therapist

TV shows

Cycles of television programs, created by Zorin,were filled with information, opened the viewer to unknown aspects of world politics and the lives of ordinary citizens of different countries. In the USSR, everything that was outside the borders was little known to an ordinary citizen. To increase awareness, many secretly listened to foreign radio stations and watched with pleasure the television program "International Panorama", which gave an overview of world politics.

For millions of Soviet viewers, Valentin Zorinbecame a man who discovered America, showed the life of the American outback, detailed about political events, gave food for the mind, helping to understand the intricacies of events.

Valentin Zorin biography


Journalists often demonstrate the talent of the writer andpublicist, such was Valentin Zorin. The books that came out from under his pen are fascinating and interesting. He wrote dozens of monographs, articles (the works were translated into foreign languages), enjoying attention in the world. His books are in demand today. Some were reprinted many times, for example, "Millionaires Masters" were published nine times, the book "Uncrowned Kings of America" ​​received five reprints. The last, lifetime work - "Unknown about the famous" - was published in the publishing house "Vagrius" in the 2000th year.

Valentin Zorin's books


Valentin Zorin used his talent and knowledgefor the good of the country, for the development of good-neighborly relations of the USSR, and later of Russia, with the world community. His efforts in peace and cooperation were highly appreciated by many state awards, awards and gratitude. He was awarded two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of the October Revolution and the "Badge of Honor", in his assets there were numerous medals.

Also V.S.Zorin was a laureate of the State Prizes of the USSR, Russia, the Vorovsky Prize. In scientific and teaching activities he was a professor at MGIMO, a doctor of historical sciences, a talented teacher (he brought up more than thirty students, among whom there are scientists with world names). He was a well-deserved figure of culture.

Valentin Sergeevich was an open person,He was proud of his friendship with outstanding talented people of his time, such as Paustovsky, Ulanova, Simonov, Raikin and many others. He loved classical music, theater.

People's Leader

He enjoyed interacting with a variety ofpeople in Russia and abroad. Sometimes, when assessing his work, he noted that he always tried to be honest with the viewer. Some examples convincingly prove this. Being in the US a few years ago and already stopping active public activities, he met a Russian emigrant on Madison Avenue, who said: "Listen, are you Zorin?" "Yes," I say, "Zorin." "How wonderful that I met you, you know, when I lived with us at home - he said:" we have, at home! " - I blamed you very much for the fact that you are slandering America. Now I live here and you, yes, yes, again I strongly abuse - now that you talked about America too softly. I would know what kind of life this is, would not have left for anything! " Human memory is the best reward for a journalist and politician.

VS Zorin was a multifaceted personality, one of the best journalists with a world name, writer, author of television programs and made a significant contribution to the scientific and political treasury of the country's knowledge.

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