A chauvinist is who? Let's try to understand

In the past two decades, we are hearing more and more oftenthis concept. It with enviable consistency arises in the speeches of public people, public discussions and discussions about the existing problems of the state and the people. Very often we associate the term with an extreme form of nationalistic sentiment. However, the term "chauvinist" is a somewhat broader concept. It is interesting that

chauvinist is
It comes from the name of a person who wasa veteran of the Napoleonic army. His name was Nicolas Schoven. This soldier so persistently and fanatically defended the Bonaparte ideas of the greatness of France (even after the fall of the latter), that his name subsequently became a household name. Since that time the chauvinist is a person who peremptorily supports the ultranationalist idea of ​​the complete superiority of one nation over all others. Today, this concept, as a rule, is used in conjunction with national definitions. In the Russian Federation, Russian chauvinists often declare themselves. However, if this concept is considered more carefully, it can be seen that today it extends far wider than the national framework.

Public sphere

In the modern world, the chauvinist is a person who really supports the ideas of absolute superiority, but they can be projected onto completely different

Russian chauvinists
public categories. All of us in one way or another came across the notion of male chauvinism. It can also manifest itself in relation to children, the elderly, the disabled, the poor and so on. All such forms are always accompanied by conscious discrimination.

Chauvinism. Definition in biology

However, this concept is not always necessarysuggests something related to violations of human rights. There is a so-called discrimination of species. A similar term denotes the infringement of the interests of a species for the sake of another. The most striking example here, perhaps, is the relationship of the human species with the animal world. However, on the latter can hardly be translated concepts of natural rights, because animals do not have

chauvinism definition
consciousness, or will. Therefore, discrimination is used here in a slightly different meaning.

It is interesting that there is also such a concept ascarbon chauvinism. It has nothing to do with discrimination in any form or application and belongs to the field of cosmologists. A carbon chauvinist is a person who affirms the fundamental impossibility of the existence of any form of life based not on carbon. The fact is that absolutely all known life forms on the planet Earth are carbon in the sense that they have this element as their own fundamental basis. In addition, we all consist of the same substances that are most widely distributed in the universe: hydrogen, carbon, and so on. This factor has established among the many modern cosmobiologists and astrophysicists the popularity of the view that if extraterrestrial life forms are to be found they must also be built from the same compounds. Assumptions about a fundamentally different biochemistry (for example, with silicon as a basis), look very doubtful to-day.

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