Why do men not like fat girls and women?

Many of the fair sextry to understand why men do not like fat girls and on what type they choose in the end. And according to the conducted researches, nevertheless the thin girls win. What is so special about them?

Why choose skinny?

why men do not like fat girls

It turns out that basically the role ofThe stereotypes that accompany the human population almost all of life. For example, this is a constant flicker over the popular media of information, which calls for the standards of alleged beauty - 90-60-90. Accordingly, being in the head, these thoughts at a subconscious level give their result. Initially, regardless of any personal qualities, judge a person by his figure. But this is not really, probably, correct. Each person, in addition to physical data, also has a soul.

why men do not like fat women

And what about the soul?

Of course, if there is a need to have fun, thenhere personal qualities are not considered particularly. But to create a family hearth, the second half is unequivocally chosen not according to the figure. So why do not like full girls, if they are kind, beautiful, ready to give happiness to the opposite sex? After all, if a thin girl is even one of the most beautiful representatives of the planet, but having a terrible character, a black soul, with her none of the men will be able to stay close to her for a long time.

What is happening in modern life, whymen do not like full girls? Experts believe that, nevertheless, this issue must be addressed individually and on a psychological level. After all, different situations happen in life. Not all the full girls are unhappy. It is enough to look at others - and you want to live. They are as if from the inside are imbued with positive emotions, which are transmitted to others. And this category of girls, despite their considerable weight, enjoys interest in the opposite sex. And they live carefree and do not even plan to lose weight. It turns out, it's still not the weight.


why men do not like fat women

Why do not they like fat girls? Considering this topic, it can be concluded that the blame for all the complexes that from the inside seize the person in hostage and do not allow to enjoy life quietly. After all, this constant struggle exhausts the nervous system, and sometimes even very seriously. Therefore, every beauty, puzzled by the question of why men do not like fat girls, it is necessary to decide what is the priority for it.

If the current state of affairs is absolutely satisfactory,then, in fact, no action can and should not be made. But if this problem does not give rest and constantly tormented by the question of why men do not like fat people, then in such cases it is recommended to engage in their own body. In modern conditions, it is enough simply to choose the necessary program for obtaining an amazing effect. Here you can consider a good and high-quality diet or a certain sports program, and maybe even combine them. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional dietician for the selection of individual courses. Massages and wraps have also recently become popular.

why men do not like complete

Using even one of these methods, you canachieve the desired and never again wonder why men do not like fat girls. After all, self-esteem in most cases after the passed procedures significantly increases. And keep it at the correct mark will not be difficult.


why do not like fat girls

Social networking in recent years is very tightentered the life of people. And it shows everywhere that a girl and a woman should be. Other options seem to be of no use to anyone. Girls of model appearance, with an ideal figure, are shown around: in commercials, in films, on pages of various groups. And scientists have long proven that the male organism is able to perceive actively the information that surrounds it and is repeated several times. Accordingly, this imposition from the outside does not allow fat women to be happy, find their soul mate. There are, of course, exceptions to the rules, but in most cases this is exactly what happens.

Remember: the whole world can not find at least one female representative who would be completely satisfied with her figure, beauty and personal qualities. There are no ideal people, but there are confidently standing on their feet, with good self-esteem, with prospects for development. This is what we should strive for.

Envy friends

So all the same, why men do not like thickgirls? There is a category of men who chooses a companion with ideal external data in order to cause envy of friends, acquaintances and even passers-by. Others thus plan to hide their complexes behind the beautiful half and raise their status. Not in condemnation, but it seems to be such a beautiful element is not quite pleasant.

Originally from childhood

Why men do not like fat women, and whereDoes this dislike start with? Never asked this question? As it turned out, she comes from childhood. Everyone visited one day a kindergarten, a school. And it is at this stage that this attitude to the thick is formed. Constant calls, inventing various nicknames, negative actions for expulsion from the collective. In this situation, both sides suffer. The first is from low self-esteem, which adversely affects the further life, the second - from the sense of guilt, if, of course, the term "conscience" takes place in the current actions of this category.

why do not like fat girls

Why do men not like fat girls? Also, the relationship to the full, starting from childhood, can be influenced by close relatives of the fair sex. For example, a mother in the presence of her son may complain about her figure, which does not meet the standards. And also look for constantly different ways of losing weight, explaining that a slender body should be in a woman. Here is the deposition in the brain of information and standards, which in the future can lead to a negative attitude towards the full people. And as a result - the choice of this man will be a beautiful stroynenkaya girl, regardless of her character. After all, it all works automatically, on a subconscious level. Relations with the full people will forever be deprived of any feelings. But following the established stereotypes strikes a blow to the psychological state of the majority of fat women. And to cope with the received complexes is quite difficult. With a strong character, of course, women will all survive and forget. Others may need the help of specialists.

Such as the mother

why men do not like fat girls

There are also other nuances, because of whichthe question arises why men do not like fat women. According to the conducted studies it became clear that the guys, like on the machine, choose a companion, similar to his mother. So if she is a slender woman, then his girlfriend will be the same. And accordingly, the attitude to the full will be neutral or negative, he just will not notice them.


Now it is clear why men do not like completewomen. But what to do, so that this question does not interest you, and you were happy with yourself? Learn to care for yourself, your body. Remember that you do not have to torture yourself, otherwise it will have a bad effect on your well-being. You must learn to accept yourself as you are. And reducing the size of the body in no way will make you immediately a good person. It is recommended to learn the rules of communication, forget about unnecessary complexes, develop abilities, to which there is a craving, learn to catch the pleasure of every moment, and, of course, you need to love life. Know that on the planet necessarily roams your half, which will not be so important your figure, namely personal qualities!

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