The problem of the teacher's influence on the student. Arguments from literature and life

Even in peacetime, there are heroes. What is it worth to educate the younger generation of mind and reason on the right path ?! The teacher is also a hero in his own way, on which the future of the country depends. The problem of the influence of the teacher on the student, the arguments of which will be presented in the article, will show how much the work of the teacher is capable of changing people's lives.

In the distant aul

Speaking of such a concept as the problem of influenceteachers to the student, the arguments that it is well described, can be found in works of literature. For example, in the story "The First Teacher" Chingiz Aitmatov talks about one person who, having no education and having difficulty reading by syllables, decides to go against the system and creates a school in the village. One of his students was a girl named Altynai. After the death of her parents, she lived with relatives who rarely heard a kind word that would be addressed to her. From her teacher she first learned what kindness is. Later the former student said that he had done the impossible - he had opened a whole world before the children who had not seen anything in life. Thanks to this man, Altynay was able to study in a boarding school, enter a university and become a doctor of philosophical sciences.

the problem of teacher influence on student arguments

Everything for the benefit of children

In this example, it is fairly accurately designatedThe problem of the teacher's influence on the student. Arguments from literature often emphasize the fact that teachers change the lives of children for the better. Contrary to the rules, they are allowed to play for money, so that the child has something to live on (Valentin Rasputin "Lessons of the French"). They sacrifice lives for the sake of their students (Vasily Bykov "Obelisk"). In simple words, praise inspires faith in oneself, which opens a great future for the students (AI Kuprin "Taper").

It is not easy to consider such a question as the probleminfluence of the teacher on the pupils. Arguments on this issue always look like two sides of the coin. On the one hand, the teacher gives knowledge and opens the door to a bright future, but on the other hand it can bring up negative qualities of character in the student.

the problem of the teacher's influence on the student arguments from literature

To recall at least the lines of Pushkin from EugeneOnegin ", which tells about the teacher of the French language of the main character. He was not particularly strict, he gave only superficial knowledge so that the child did not bother much, led the boy to walk to the garden and from time to time said what was good and what was bad. As a result, he taught to treat life carelessly and consumerly, take everything from the world, but do not strain to find your place in life.

You can find many examples in novels and books, but no less stories can be heard from real life.

Stories from life

In reality, especially today's teachers, inespecially severe, children often hate and criticize rather than listen to their advice. Of course, you can give examples of teachers who neglect their duties. But still a good teacher is a majority.

So, the problem of the teacher's influence on the student. Arguments from life can be represented by a story that once told Astafyev. In one of his publications he wrote about his teacher in the Russian language, Christmas Ignat Dmitrievich.

the problem of the influence of the teacher on the student arguments from life

Victor Astafyev remembers how the teacher introduced themin an excursion into the Russian language, telling funny and memorable stories. But he was very strict in everything that concerned the assessments. Victor says that for the first time, when the teacher praised him for writing, he had a desire to create and write even better. The praise from such a strict to the estimations of a person meant a lot to the students. If someone, instead of the usual, teacher's "Nedorosl" heard "Good!", It said that he really well tried and all his efforts were not in vain.

Relationship problem

When the problem of the teacher's influence ondisciple, the arguments can tell a lot. However, they do not always reflect the difficulties of the relationship. It is often possible to face the situation when some teachers are forgotten immediately after graduation, while others remember all their lives. Here everything depends on the devotion of the teacher to his work. If he loves his subject, he tells not only a scanty school curriculum, but also many other interesting facts from real life, encourages students and tries to convey his knowledge to everyone, regardless of personal preferences and prejudices, then the students will respect him, and learn the lessons for a long time.

the problem of teacher influence on students' arguments

But in a situation where the teacher is a profession, and not a vocation and passion, then the students will neglect his lessons. And the mentor will become for them just another faceless shadow of the school past.

The problem of the influence of the teacher on the student, the argumentswhich are presented in the publication, will be relevant at any time. After all, the teacher is someone who brings a new person into the world, where he has to live. And only on his influence and upbringing depends on what later this new man turns out to be: he will become another Onegin or become an outstanding scientist. It all depends on the teacher's work.

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