How to write off the exam?

How to write off the exam? This question is relevant for all students and graduates of schools. To write off, of course, is bad, but it is even worse to "fill up" the exam. Therefore, you must learn to use various methods that allow you to get a good evaluation without special preparation. And it is necessary to write off skilfully. This will not cause suspicion in the teacher.

how to write off on an exam

One way to answerthe question of how to write off the exam is the production of a special device, with which it will be possible to find the necessary cheat sheet in a short time. Answers to tickets are placed on paper, the size of which allows you to place it in a box of matches. The missing question number is easily counted with their arrangement in order.

How can I write off on an exam using a technique? To do this, it is enough to take an ordinary organizer and insert in his "notebook" the answers to the tickets. In this case, the teacher will need to convince that your technical device is the latest model of a modern calculator.

The next way to pass the exam without a specialpreliminary preparation consists in the use of a radio receiver of a small size having a VHF band. Buy an extra small headphones and a transmitter. The wave range of such devices is within a radius of one hundred meters. Ask a friend to read out the answers to the exam ticket, the number of which must be pronounced loudly, ostensibly for the examiner.

How to write off on the exam so that no onefigured it out? To do this, it is important to know which table in the audience you will have to prepare for an answer. Before the examination, the required material is simply written down with a sharpened pencil on the desk. From a distance equal to one-and-a-half meters, such records will be simply invisible.

How can I write off on the exam imperceptibly forteacher? To do this, you must practice before the mirror in advance. Simultaneously, during the training, you must carefully monitor your movements. As a rule, the cheating is quite tense, while he does not smile, furtively looks in all directions, pretends that he is writing, leading a pointless pen on paper, and then abruptly ceases. During training, you must learn to behave differently. Then the student will have an extra chance.

how can I write off the exam

How to pass the math exam? At a time when you already took the ticket and went to prepare, you need to ask the teacher a lot of different questions and then try to answer them. Raise your hand and ask the examiner to come to you. When he approaches, gladly report that they themselves have understood what the course of the solution of the problem is. It is necessary to attract the attention of the examiner until he stops noticing you because of the annoying importunity.

You can go to the office before the exam starts and draw the board at first sight with meaningless formulas, having worked out a scheme for extracting the necessary information from them.

how to pass an exam in mathematics

And the last thing: in order that no one understands what you write off on the exam, you just need to learn all the material and go prepare for an answer to the ticket without various improvised adaptations.

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