Actress and Clowness Natalia Fisson

Bright, smiling, attractive woman lookson us with pictures. This is the famous actress Natalia Fisson. In her life there was a place of love, joy, success. But a heavy loss awaited Natalia in 2014. In the winter of this year, her beloved husband died, along with whom she passed a long journey of life. The role of the wife of a famous director, perhaps, was the main thing in her life. And she, thanks to her energy and cheerfulness, was for Vadim Fisson a support in the difficult moments of his life.

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Disease is not a hindrance

Not everyone knows that he did not have bothlegs. But it really is. The first he lost because of a serious illness, even before he met his future wife. Not to lose courage after his second leg was taken from him, helped by Natalia Fisson. When this happened, they had been married for several years. Thanks to her care, Vadim graduated from LGITMIK, in which she also studied. Only Natalia Fisson studied at the actor's faculty, and her husband directed.

Way to the dream

The first place of work of the actress was the theater "Litsedei". In it, she worked from 1981 to 1985. Then, wanting to get a special education, which she had not before, Natalia Fisson entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. In it, the actress graduated from the graduate school in the direction of the stage movement. Those who are close to the world of humor, know about who Natalia Fisson is. Her biography was enlarged with interesting facts about professional activity precisely due to perseverance and purposefulness. These qualities have helped her to receive many awards and recognition of talent.

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Granite Science

Fisson Natalia Vladimirovna was born in Leningrad. This happened May 11, 1964. To develop her skills, she studied a lot, and graduated not only from the institute in Leningrad, but also in 1996. Brodway Dance Center in America, in 1997 Clown School Fillip Golie in England. In addition, she received a diploma from the Institute of Humanistic Psychology in Denmark, which enabled her to teach at trainings and courses that develop leadership qualities in a person. She also teaches women to be stylish, to move well and to own their emotions in the Self-Made Style School.

Not only theater

Of course, everything she got from training,came in handy in her career. She played her first role in 1990 in her husband's play called "Nonsense in Tails". At the same time Natalia began to appear in films. In the first half of the nineties she had already shown herself in several television tapes. Among them "I rely on you", "Nicotine", "Dance of death", "Strange men of Semyonova Catherine". The main role in the last film brought her the popularity and award of the film studio Lenfilm, which is called "For Best Actor's Work." Then her talent was noticed and invited to perform in the German circus Pomp Duck and Circumstance. After she worked in it for two years, she received an invitation from the circus "Du Soleil". But Natalia Fisson rejected the tempting offer and returned to St. Petersburg.

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Favorite work

Spouses are engaged in their brainchild - the theater"Comedian Trust". In 1996 the theater was renewed. One of his performances was "Nonsense in dress coat", the main role in which, of course, Fisson Natalia played. The permanent director and artistic director of the theater until her death in 2014 was her husband. During the entire existence of the theater several performances were staged. Among them are "White History", as well as "Anthony and Cleopatra", "Second Hand", "SPAM for the Fuhrer". The "Comic-Trust" group occupies its special niche in the theatrical world. The genre of his productions can not be determined even by the actors themselves. But the recognition of "Comic-Trust" was received all over the world. What they try to convey to the audience with the help of humor, it is clear to the audience of all countries in which they visited on tour. And there are many of them. This is England, Switzerland and Denmark, South Korea and Finland, Georgia, Turkey and others.

Honorary work

For the entire period of its existence the theater receiveda lot of awards and not only in our country. Also, Natalia Fisson herself, whose photo you will find in this article, was awarded prizes and titles. In 1992, she received a prize at the St. Petersburg Theater Studios Festival as "The Most Vivid Actress of the Festival". In 1993, at the International Festival of the Baltic States, she was waiting for the award for the best female role. In 2001, Natalia became the winner of ELLE magazine as the most stylish woman of the magazine Elle. In 2005 she received the Independent Actor's Prize. V. I. Strzhelchik. On March 6, 2006, Natalia Fisson was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation". High rank was also received by her husband in 2013 - "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation".

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Together with her husband Natalia participated in thecharitable action "Theater - an accessible environment", conducted the television program "Energetic people", in which they talked about the problems of disabled people and said that they should not be pitied, but it is necessary to arrange our life in such a way that the same is available to them as healthy people. In 2007, she starred in the film "Along the Stage" of the English director Robertson, along with other movie stars. Much of this life was successful for this woman, and, probably, luck awaits her too, although with the passing away of her beloved husband's life, a spark lit her way, illuminating the path of the actress for many years.

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