Patrick Wilson - biography, interesting facts

Patrick Wilson is a famous actor of theater and cinema. This smiling and quite popular person often flashes on the screens of cinemas and televisions. Although he never became a star of the first magnitude, his filmography includes more than 10 successful projects, awarded various film awards.


The life path of the future actor began in 1973year, in the small American town of Norfolk, Virginia. His parents professionally engaged in music. Patrick was able to graduate from the prestigious Shorecrest Preparatory school, after which he became a student at the University of Carnegie Mellon, located in Pittsburgh. Graduation of the university was in 1995. Patrick Wilson became a bachelor in the field of drama and received the Ch. Willard Memorial Prize for his excellent performance in the musical theater of the University.

Patrick Wilson

Acquaintance and marriage

In his student years he met histhe future wife of Dagmar Dominchuk, an aspiring actress of Polish descent. For some time they were just acquaintances. Then the novel was twisted, and in 2005, Patrick Wilson was married to his chosen one. They still live together and raise two children. Their family photo often adorns the covers of tabloids and the main pages of online publications. Indeed, a more successful pair is hard to imagine.

Patrick Wilson Photo

Theatrical career

Since 1996, Wilson is an actor in the theater. Together with small troupes, he takes part in his first productions, struggling on small roles. In 1999, a talented newcomer was spotted by a major impresario, and Patrick was able to get his first role on Broadway. To the gifted actor quickly came deserved success, and in 2001 he received his first theatrical prize "TONY", and in 2002 - the second award. The most famous performances with his participation are:

  • Oklahoma!
  • Fascinating Rhythm.
  • Gershwins.
  • The Full Monty.

Each of these performances showed how capable and multifaceted the actor is Patrick Wilson.


On television screens, Patrick Wilson appeared in2001. For his role in the small series "Angels in America" ​​the actor received a nomination for "Emmy." From the very first day this film won the hearts of viewers. Still would! After all, the main roles were played by Al Pacino and the magnificent Meryl Streep, and the director of the television series was the famous Mike Nichols.

Another television production with Patrick's participation was called "Fort Alamo". Here he plays with Billy Toriton and J. Patrick.

Film successes

In 2006, the big screens went melodramaTodd Field, entitled "As small children." The main roles in it were played by Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson. Photo of the star couple was an ornament of posters and posters - they looked very harmonious together. But critics coolly reacted to Wilson's debut in a big cinematograph, and the actor did not bring fame to the actor.

His real success Patrick is obliged to the television series "Fargo 2".

Patrick Wilson

Those who enthusiastically watched the first series of this tragicomedy, will have to look into the recent past and see "Fargo 1".

In the second season of the famous audience tapemeet Kirsten Darst, Ted Denson, Patrick Wilson. "Fargo 2" highlights the actions and events that occur in the seventies of the 20th century. More recently, the war in Vietnam has died down, passed with hippie protests and opponents of nuclear energy. Our heroes wear flares, big collars and tend to take their place under the sun. Patrick Wilson received one of the main roles in the series. He plays the young Solverstone, around which the main intrigue of the series unfolds. The main place where events occur, is a small town in the state of South Dakota. And let the word "South" does not mislead the viewer - in the whole second part of the series the action takes place under rather frosty conditions. All the series are generously flavored with blood and inexpressible humor by the Coen brothers. The series is a breath of air for those who want to enjoy the "black" humor and dashing plot. For participation in the second season Wilson was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Patrick Wilson Fargo

Currently, Patrick Wilson is engaged inthe continuation of the legendary Batman series "Batman vs. Superman". In the film, the hero of our article plays the role of US President. The second project, which involves Wilson, is "Spell 2". In it, he will play the role of a researcher of paranormal phenomena. We are confident that the new roles will become another stage of the actor on the way to great success.

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