What are the Tours in Kazan?

The capital of Tatarstan Kazan is one of thethe oldest and most beautiful cities in Russia. It is shrouded in legends and mysteries, and its history goes back to the depths of centuries and conceals mysteries that stir many minds to this day. Kazan is also one of the largest cities in Russia, which has a great influence on modern culture and other aspects of the life of the state and is therefore often called the "third capital of Russia". In 2018, the World Cup will be held here.

Tours to Kazan can be interesting not onlyfor those who are fond of history: today it is a modern metropolis with lots of opportunities to have fun and interesting time. There are opportunities for both contemplative and active recreation.

In Kazan, a lot of architecturalattractions. First of all, this is the famous Kazan Kremlin and the falling tower of Syuyumbike - the legendary queen, whose personality is shrouded in many myths. Newer, but not less interesting - the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kremlin and the Kul Sharif mosque, which became one of the symbols of Kazan. A special mention is the unique Temple of all religions, executed in a bizarre mixed style and uniting a mosque, an Orthodox church, a pagoda and a synagogue on its territory. In general, the architectural ensemble of Kazan is very harmonious and successfully combines the most ancient buildings and the most modern buildings, which makes this city one of the most beautiful in the country.

Also tours to Kazan, especially weekend tours,suggest visiting the numerous museums of Kazan. Here is the only branch of the Hermitage in the country - the Hermitage-Kazan, as well as the Museum of the IZO RT and the Kazan Museum, and many others. If you want to visit any cultural event, of which there are a great number of events every year, it is better to plan tours to Kazan in accordance with their schedule. The Chaliapin Opera Festival, the Nureyevsky Ballet Festival, the literary "Aksenov Fest", the music festival "Creation of the World" and even the Zilantkon role-playing game festival are held here. " There are some very good theaters in Kazan, as well as many cinemas.

In terms of sports, Kazan is one of the most developedcities in Russia. There are many sports facilities of federal significance, capable of hosting international events. So, here will pass the Summer Universiade 2013 and the World Cup 2018. Few people know, but here is the best ski resort in Russia in Kazan. This is the largest and most modern ski resort on the territory of the Russian Federation with a lot of hotels and developed infrastructure, extended trails and artificial snow cover system, so the ski season lasts until mid-spring. Thus, tours to Kazan can also be approached by lovers of skiing, who prefer excellent service and comfort.

In addition to historical, cultural and sportsKazan has also unique opportunities for entertainment. There are several large water parks and several amusement parks, including a huge Ferris wheel that can lift an altitude of 55 meters to an altitude of 55 meters per hour, with a panorama of the entire millionth city.

By the number of attractions, sports andcultural objects Kazan practically does not lag behind the two capitals and can rightfully be considered the third one. There is everything to interesting and fun to spend a weekend or even a holiday. To do this, Kazan has all the conditions: there are many comfortable hotels of all categories, and local cuisine is unusually tasty and deserves to be tried. In Kazan, unusually hospitable people who are always glad to the guests. A trip to Kazan is a must if you want to know your country properly.

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