Station "Slaviansky Boulevard" - a modern transport interchange in Moscow

The station "Slavyansky Boulevard" is a place thatis very popular both among the Muscovites themselves and among the guests of the Russian capital. What is so unusual about it? Why does it receive a huge number of visitors every day?

Well, of course, above all, it happensbecause the station was built in the business part of Moscow, which means that the number of employees who constantly strive for their business can not simply be insignificant. Tourists are also attracted to the museums located on the surface, for example, the Jewish heritage and the Holocaust and the Second World War, the Diamond Fund of Russia and the well-known Victory Park.

Section 1. Subway station "Slavyansky Boulevard". general description

Slavic boulevard

The station "Slavyansky Boulevard" is located on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow metro. This single-vaulted station is made of reinforced monolithic reinforced concrete.

The length of the platform is 162 meters. In addition, it is known that the height of the vaults of the station is up to 8.5 meters, but in width it is 10 meters.

Note that there are 2 underground vestibules,equipped with two elevators. The eastern vestibule is connected by a staircase with a platform, and the western one with escalator bands. On the surface you can go through the underground passages. The entrances are made of light-transmissive material and equipped with the "Snegosbros" system. The western vestibule will take passengers to Kutuzovsky Avenue and Starorublevskoye Highway. East - on Kutuzovsky Ave., to Slavyansky Boulevard, as well as on the street. Tarutinskaya and G. Kurina.

Section 2. Subway station "Slavyansky Boulevard". History

station Slavic boulevard

According to the original project, not one but two stations were to be built on the "Victory Park - Kuntsevskaya" section.

The second station was to be Minskaya.As a result, the construction began exactly with the station "Slavyansky Boulevard". In 2005, the project decided to reconsider, eventually leaving only one stop of the Moscow metro, and the architects wanted to move the entrances closer to the northern part of Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Thanks to this redevelopment,significantly save money and reduce the length of the site by as much as 900 meters. Further construction of the station was postponed until around 2006. When in 2008 the site "Victory Park - Kuntsevskaya" was opened, the station "Slavyansky Boulevard" was still under construction, and the trains passed through the station without stopping. And from the curious eyes the construction was covered with shields, they were removed only in August, and on September 7 the station was solemnly opened. It was named in honor of the Slavic boulevard, which is nearby.

Section 3. Subway station "Slavyansky Boulevard". Characteristics

moscow m slavian boulevard

Few people know that it was originally wanteddecorate with black natural stone. Now, as noted by all visitors, the style of the interior of the station can be described as Art Nouveau, and it is very similar to the design of the Paris Metro. So, the travel walls are made of green marble and additionally decorated with stainless steel. The floor is made of black marble. At the edges of the platform, this stone was treated with a heat-resistant coating.

In the ceiling were made large depressions, inthey now sprawled forged ornaments, designed in the form of branches and leaves. The luminaires on the traveling walls are arranged at such an angle that they illuminate the entire station remarkably. The coffered vault visually increases the distance to the ceiling, creating the impression of additional space.

In addition, the platform is decorated with elegantmetal trees, on the tops of which there are lights, and three benches in the form of a rook. Such details give the station a lot of similarity with this boulevard.

Truly the center of technology of Russia isMoscow. M. "Slavic Boulevard", incidentally, is also not inferior, it was designed in accordance with the requirements of modern passengers. For example, for today mobile communication is stable here, there is an opportunity to go online.

As a rule, the vestibules are opened at 5:40, and they work until late at night - until 1:00.

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