Ice Palace "Iceberg" (Sochi): address, description, photo

After the Olympics in 2014, the famous Russian resort town changed beyond recognition. Sochi has grown younger, has grown prettier, has acquired a special luster and individuality.

And today thousands of tourists from all over the world comehere to see unique Olympic facilities. One of them, undoubtedly, is the Ice Palace "Iceberg" (Sochi), whose address is easy to remember - Adler, Olympic Park.

Ice Iceberg Sochi

Features of the palace

A feature of this structure is the demountabledesign. If necessary, it can be dismantled and transported to another location "Iceberg". The Ice Sports Palace in Sochi is a unique construction created by Russian architects, engineers and builders. All construction work for the preparation of the 2014 Olympics and the construction of this facility was controlled by the state. This guarantees the highest level of safety and quality.

Photo of Ice Palace "Iceberg" (Sochi) for sureMany have seen on the pages of Russian and foreign publications. Today, this unique complex is led by Isaak Valitsky, who has extensive experience in the sports field.

Ice Palace Iceberg Sochi Address

Ice Palace "Iceberg" (Sochi): the history of creation

The palace was erected in record time. Its construction began in 2009. Already in 2012, there were All-Russian competitions skaters. Athletes have appreciated the very construction and quality of ice. International testing of the rink was held during the final of the Grand Prix of figure skating, which was held by the International Skating Union in December 2012. Almost at the same time, the tracks for the short track during the Russian Championship were tested. And next to the arena of the palace was the Russian Figure Skating Championships (2013).

And, finally, in 2014 the Ice Palace "Iceberg"(Sochi) met the Olympic athletes. Competitions held in this complex, were very successful for our team, so for the Russians "Iceberg" was a place of pleasant memories and vivid impressions.

photo ice palace iceberg sochi

Description of the palace

Ice Palace "Iceberg" (Sochi) recalls itsthe appearance is a huge floating ice bob, swaying on the waves and sparkling with a cold blue glow. All those who have already visited this sports complex tell us about the tremendous impressions that this structure leaves.

Here everything has been thought out to the last detail in order tofans and spectators could concentrate on the competition and presentation. Ice Palace "Iceberg" (Sochi) has a two-tier structure, which includes a luxurious VIP-box. The beauty and exquisite architecture of the palace is combined with a high quality of construction. In construction, modern materials were used: solid concrete, transparent, like a tear, glass, steel. The area of ​​the building is about 68,000 square meters and accommodates 12,000 spectators at the same time.

Iceberg Ice Sports Palace in Sochi

Athletic facilities

In addition to the ice arena, which has standardThis type of structure dimensions - 30 x 60 meters, the ice palace has a skating rink for skaters and tracks for the competition on the short track - not yet very popular in our country sight of speed skating. There are also convenient facilities for sharpening skates, warming-up and training zones, as well as restaurants and conference rooms. The participants of the competitions note the high professionalism of the employees of the complex.

Ice Palace "Iceberg" (Sochi) isuniversal construction. It is also possible to hold competitions in summer sports. This reincarnation provides a special insulating coating terracover, applied directly to the ice.

In the arena of the palace is maintained two microclimate -one for the ice cover, and the second for the stands. For the convenience of visitors, two tiers along the entire perimeter are connected by stairs and passages. The remarkable palace, whose height is thirty-four meters, has five floors. On the first are:

  • gym;
  • Ice Arena;
  • locker rooms for athletes.

On the second and third floors are the standsfor the audience. The fourth floor is reserved for VIP lodges. On the fifth floor there are facilities for holding press conferences and providing television and radio broadcasts.

Palace after the Olympics

The fate of the palace is not finalsolved. Initially, it was planned that after the end of the Olympic competitions, the Iceberg would be redesigned for a huge cycling track that would meet the Olympic standards (250 m). But at present this information is not yet confirmed. In addition, the plans of the builders included the dismantling of the structure and its transfer to another city, but this has not happened yet.

Ice Iceberg Sochi

At present, the Iceberg conducts its ownarena not only sports competitions, but also enchanting ice shows. One of them was a great program with the participation of Russian athlete Evgeny Plushenko. It was called "Snow King". And in the New Year holidays in 2017, the premiere of the play "Bremen Town Musicians" by Ilya Averbukh took place in the palace.

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