How to choose a cross-country helmet?

Before you begin to conquer abrupt bendson a racing motorcycle, it is necessary to choose a suitable helmet for the cross. Such equipment is slightly different from standard head protection devices. First, the helmet for cross-country has an extended chin protection. Secondly, there is increased attention to ventilation, because, riding a track, a motorcyclist spends a lot of energy, and this affects the fogging of the head.

Structure of a cross helmet

helmet for cross
The design of the motorcycle helmet for cross-country training includes the following elements:

  • visor;
  • protection for the neck, upper cushions, side lining, cheeks for cheeks;
  • breathing deflector;
  • chin protection;
  • lining;
  • upper ventilation;
  • side plugs.

The size

Picking up a helmet for the cross, the first thing isDetermine the conformity of the product to the parameters of the head. To do this, you need to measure its circumference, wrapping a flexible tape measure at a level just above the eyebrows and an outstanding part of the nape. The result should be compared with the size of helmet manufacturers whose products are of the greatest interest.

If the helmet for the cross is purchased for the first time,it will be superfluous to try on the fitting to make sure that the chosen model is convenient. The product should be placed on the head in such a way that the line of the port for protective glasses is 1-2 cm above the eyebrows.

It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that a properly sized helmet at first will seem too tight. However, in the course of operation, new equipment necessarily becomes more free.

The form

airoh cross-country helmet
Exact match of the cross helmet to the sizehead does not guarantee the convenience of its use. Most manufacturers take into account such factors when developing new models, offering consumers products with different oval capsules:

  • Helmets with an elongated oval - the shape is stretched from the front and narrowed on the sides.
  • Models with an average oval - a capsule with wide sidewalls.
  • Helmets with a rounded oval - wider on sides than stretched in front.

Choosing a cross helmet Airoh or products frommodel series of other authoritative manufacturers according to the shape of the head, the user guarantees himself full comfort and safety. At the same time, a too bulky and poorly seated product reduces the overall level of protection.


Every year motocross replenishes its ranksnew fans. Therefore, manufacturers have to seriously work on the development of fresh, original types of equipment. This allows drivers not to select effective means for full head protection during the races, but also to use the most vivid, attractive models whose qualities correspond to the effect of performed tricks.

At present, the greatest demand is forproducts Ed Hardy Motor Sport, Alpinestars. You will not regret if you purchase a cross Fox helmet or O'Neal product. Not too far behind the popularity of these brands are products of such reputable manufacturers as Skin Industries, Thor MX, Arai, Hawk. Among the budget models can be noted, for example, the cross-helmet Michiru. Inexpensive products are produced by the brands Sidi, Shoei.


cross fox helmet
Naturally, choosing a cross helmet, attentionshould be given to the finish. Preferred models are recommended with removable internal equipment. This allows you to clean and wash the pads when necessary.

The operational convenience adds a movable top visor, the position of which can be changed by loosening and fixing a special screw in the upper part of the helmet.

Preferred is the purchase of a model withstrap D-shaped. In particular, such a fastener mechanism contains a crosshair helmet Airoh. Approaching the choice of straps should be carefully, since the presence of crocheted fastening clips in frankly cheap products is quite realistic.


cross michiru helmet
Attractive design and quality graphicsplay an important role for most serious riders. It is much more pleasant to drive in spectacular outfits. Yes, and the reaction of viewers is quite different from this, than with the use of a faded, monotonous and frankly faceless defense.

However, in connection with the above-mentioned issue,there may be a common opinion. Different racers in their own approach to the selection of motorcycle protective equipment according to the ratio of practicality and attractiveness of appearance.

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