How to choose a boxing helmet? Basic Types

The box focuses on protectinghead, because it is this part of the body that serves as the main target for enemy strikes. Choosing a reliable, quality boxing helmet, the athlete ensures the safety of the most vulnerable areas of the head during sparring, training or amateur battles.

helmet boxing training

How much helmet is needed?

The main defense of the athlete in the ring is the honedto perfection, the technique of avoiding strikes, lightning-fast reaction, limiting concentration on the opponent, as well as a sense of distance. However, an important role is played by a boxing helmet. The latter softens strokes, absorbs mechanical loads, reduces the likelihood of dissection. Let's look at the basic options for such equipment.

Boxing helmet with nose protection

Such security equipment has been designed in this way.called the Mexican format. Such equipment protects the athlete from damage to the nose, additionally protects the chin and jaw. A weak place here is the chin, which remains practically without protection.

The first helmets of this type were usedMexican fighters in the middle of the last century and were used for intensive preparation for battles in the most harsh conditions. Characteristic features of such products:

  • large protectors for cheeks;
  • The presence of a perpendicular crossbar to protect the nose;
  • clasps in the chin area;
  • narrow slits for the eyes.

Helmet boxing training

For beginners it is recommended to useprotection for the head, which protects from damage to the jaw, nose, cheekbones and ears. As a training helmet, it is better to choose products that contain dense, softening punching.

For preparatory classes allowedpurchase of products made from both natural leather and dermatine. Naturally, the first option will be more relevant for athletes who regularly attend the hall. After all, in this case, the service life of the equipment depends on the quality of the material and the ability to withstand regular loads.

In general, the training boxing helmetprovides the inexperienced athletes with maximum protection, further protecting them from blows to the cheek and chin area. However, this option somewhat complicates free breathing, reduces the viewing angle.

boxing helmet

Battle Helmet

The main purpose of military products is to provideprotection in the conduct of amateur tournaments. A distinctive feature of the models of this category is the presence of good visibility. The boxing helmet contains a clasp in the chin area, which reliably keeps the equipment on the head when receiving strikes.

The choice of a combat model for an athlete follows,starting from their own level of skill. After all, most products in this category provide reliable protection only for the temporal zone, ears and forehead, leaving a whole mass of sufficiently vulnerable areas.

Children's helmets

Choose a head protection for a babyshould be extremely careful. The children's skull is quite fragile, because it contains neo-voiced areas. That is why in this case it is necessary to provide your own child with the greatest possible protection.

An important role here is played by the availability of reliablefastenings, fixing the chin, as well as matching the parameters of the helmet to the size of the child's head. If the selected model slides to your eyes or moves to the back of your head, it is better to consider other suitable options.

boxing helmet with nose protection


The main task when buying a boxing helmet -determine personal goals. If the equipment will be used for participation in competitions, preference is best given to combat models. Amateur athletes who are important to avoid the occurrence of abrasions and cuts on the face, will suit products in the Mexican style.

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