Events in Sochi. A wonderful holiday in a magnificent city

Sochi is a chic resort town on the coastBlack Sea. It by right has long been called the "southern capital of Russia". Bright events in Sochi do not cease to please guests and residents of the city with their diversity. Here life is constantly boiling. In short, events in Sochi do not give boredom. The events that take place here bring the person to full delight.

events in Sochi

Events in Sochi - entertainment for the whole family

So, more in detail. What are the events in Sochi? After the Olympics, held here in 2014, the city received a magnificent legacy from a huge number of world-class stadiums. The events in Sochi are hockey, football, boxing matches, ski competitions and high-speed races. These events are very popular.

In addition, the city regularly passesvarious concerts of foreign and Russian stars, various festivals, creative solo evenings. The life of the city is literally crowded with tours of circuses, orchestras and theaters. Music can be enjoyed by the owners of perfect hearing, and fans of bright show programs.

The resort is also famous for the annual festival called "New Wave". Here you can hear the voices of very talented vocalists.

Pass in the city regularly and children's activities. Among them there are performances, New Year's performances, entertaining shows. In general, it's not at all difficult to find for yourself exactly what is needed. It all depends on your tastes and preferences.

events in Sochi in June

Activities of the spring of 2017

Sports events in Sochi are very popular. One of the upcoming events in 2017 is a new stage of the "Formula 1". The main race will be held on April 30.

In addition to sports, the May holidays are organizedthere will be an annual "Festival of shish kebab". For two days his guests are treated to the main meat dish of the Caucasus. A large entertainment program and amusing contests attract many visitors. In the competitions for the preparation of the best shish kebab, both professionals and amateurs take part. On the first day, as a rule, the chefs of restaurants and hotels compete. The next day everyone can participate in the competition. The team consists of five people.

In 2017, the entertainment program will pleaseguests and residents of the city with a marathon of toasts, a show of the famous artist Martinez Michel and a concert of one of the former participants of the Golos project. The festival definitely will not disappoint anyone.

events in Sochi in July

The events of June 2017

Summer activities will also pleaselovers of entertainment. The events in Sochi in June will bring joy and pleasure to football fans. A year before the championship at the stadium "Fisht" will be a few interesting matches.

In group "A" together with the Russian national team will playthe team of Mexico, Portugal and New Zealand. In the group "B" were the national teams of Australia, Chile, Germany, as well as the African Cup winner. In Sochi there will be three group matches (Germany - Australia, Mexico - New Zealand, African champion - Germany). Also in the city there will be one semifinal. A tour to the final will be played between the winner of the "B" group and the team that took the second place in the "A" group. The Russian national team will play in Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Well, for those who are a fan of sportsevents is not, an excellent entertainment will be a visit to the famous film festival called Kinotavr. In general, June will give an opportunity to have a wonderful rest for all comers.

sports events in Sochi

Where to go in July 2017?

In the middle of summer, you can also be excellentrelax. The events in Sochi in July promise to be no less bright. The matter is that for the whole month the tour of the Cirque du Soleil show will take place in the Sports Palace. Artists will show the viewer an exciting story about how a man will appear and develop on an island (in the form of a turtle). From a primitive amphibian to a desire to fly. The basis for this show was a stereotype, rooted in the consciousness of society, about evolutionary events.

The program called "Totem" can not failattract the attention of connoisseurs of culture. It explores the emergence and development of man and the world, the never-ending curiosity of society and the great desire to achieve higher heights in life. So says the director of the show Robert Lepage, who previously worked together with the circus on the program "CA".

In a word, a lot of entertainment will be offered. Therefore, going to Sochi, you can not even doubt that you can spend your free time very interestingly, unforgettably.

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