Documents on the car, or What a driver should have with him

Cars have long ceased to be a luxury. Today it is the most common form of transport on earth. In each family there is at least one "faithful iron horse". It is not surprising that the management and ownership of these "friends chelovechek" is possible only if there is a huge number of documents.

documents on the car

So, the documents on the car are not only papers that confirm the right of possession, but also those without which driving is prohibited. Each driver has a whole kit.

Documents on the car include a passportvehicle (PTS), confirming your right to property and enabling the inspector to identify the vehicle. The title not only identifies the owner, but also the color of the car, body type, identification number (VIN) and much more. It provides exhaustive information about the car itself.

documents for sale

By the way, if you are not the owner, then you will need to present to the inspector a form of power of attorney with the permission of the owner to operate this machine.

But there is one subtle nuance: if you control a foreign car, and its owner is sitting in the car and has all the necessary documents with you, you can go without a power of attorney.

Documents in the car also include the receivedearlier a coupon about the passed checkup, confirming serviceability of the car. Each driver must have a compulsory insurance policy issued in the name of the owner.

Next are the documents on the car, whichconfirm your ability to manage this transport, in particular, the driver's license. Driving license with the appropriate category you must present for inspection inspectors. If you do not have any rights for some reason, then there must be a temporary permit.

In those cases where a trailer is attached to the vehicle, documents will be required for it. In some situations, the inspector has the right to demand from the driver documents for the shipment, a waybill.

execution of documents on the car

When buying and selling a car you are also requiredhave the necessary paper for it. The easiest way is to prepare documents for cars for sale through a power of attorney. The owner reassigns the right of management and future sale to the buyer. But in this case the machine is not removed from the account, and the ownership remains with the seller. The buyer, from a legal point of view, remains the loser. But a check from the tax authorities for payment of the transport tax will come in the name of the seller, not the buyer, although (in fact) the owner is no longer.

More interesting in this case isa banal contract of sale. Documents for selling cars are, in principle, easy to prepare. It is necessary to remove the car from the registration and make a written contract in two copies. One will remain with the seller, and with the second the buyer will be able to formalize the purchase in the organs of the traffic police. The right of ownership will also pass to the new owner.

It's also worth remembering the tax rates. In those cases where you were the owner of a car for less than three years, you will be obliged to pay tax on the car sold.

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