Inflammation of the liver: symptoms of hepatitis and cirrhosis.

The ancient healers were sure that the liver -the organ that serves as the repository of the soul, the place where love, power, and intellect are born. Today's view is much more prosaic, although one can not but admit that the human's mental activity, its vital tone, ability to love depends on the health of this body.

The thing is that the human liver is an organ,in which there are more than twenty million chemical reactions per minute. This gland is responsible for the health of the whole organism, supporting its blood circulation, resistance to infections, digestion. It feeds the spinal cord, is responsible for the heat balance of the body. Diseases of this gland are very dangerous.

Violation of the functions of the guardian of health immediately worsensgeneral well-being of a person. There is lethargy, drowsiness, fast fatigue. There is bitterness in the tongue, the taste of food changes. When breathing or sudden movements, pain in the hypochondrium is felt, and palpation can feel a swelling. All these manifestations indicate that the inflammation of the liver has begun. Symptoms may indicate an acute or chronic course of the disease. Acute occurs under the influence of infections, overeating, the intake of alcohol, drugs or excess medical products. In addition to fatigue, bitterness in the mouth, it is characterized by swelling of the spleen, dark color of urine. When coughing, sharp breaths-exhalations, movements there is a stitching, very sharp pain. Often, the disease is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, dehydration, the appearance of jaundice. Often the temperature rises. If acute inflammation is not treated, it can result in death.

In time not diagnosed or untreatedthe disease can cause chronic inflammation of the liver. Symptoms are less noticeable, they often go without pain. Most often, a chronic illness is noticed either with a full examination, or with a sharp deterioration in the condition.

How to relieve liver inflammation?

First of all, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle and at least once a year to take tests.

At any violations of the liver function leadingimportance is proper nutrition. When infectious hepatitis or other acute hepatic diseases, it is recommended to wash the unsalted food. Take it should be tiny portions 5-7 times a day. Naturally, all spices, spices, fried, spicy foods are unacceptable: they only increase the inflammation of the liver. Treatment of an acute period depending on the patient's condition can be carried out at home or in a hospital. It boils down to the fact that first doctors try to eliminate the source of the disease, and then appoint hepatoprotectors, which protect the liver from inflammation.

If the disease (eg, hepatitis) is caused byvirus, then prescribe antiviral drugs. If the inflammation accompanies another disease, then first try to heal it. Despite the fact that hepatitis is life-threatening, its treatment is relatively quick.

Heavier and longer, not always successfully treatedchronic inflammation of the liver. Symptoms of cirrhosis are manifested in constant nausea, vomiting, skin itching, general weakness. Jaundice, enlarged liver and spleen, bloating and indigestion can last for years. There is a cirrhosis more often against a background of an alcoholism, a tuberculosis, a syphilis and other serious diseases causing an inflammation of a liver. Symptoms of cirrhosis often indicate either an abnormal, unhealthy lifestyle, or a disease that is not detected in time.

Despite the fact that both chronic and acuteinflammation should be treated only by doctors, as an auxiliary means you can drink a glass of birch juice, juice from radish and beets, or two cups of infusion from strawberry leaves. However, before their application, the doctor's advice will not be superfluous.

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