If you have a furuncle on the pope

Let's talk about one unpleasant, but quite common pathology.

I have a furuncle on the pope, how to treat, help! Tens of thousands of people want to know about it, judging by the requests in the search engines of the Internet. And this does not mean that all the rest of the people are all right, and there are no Tchyriks in this place and they were not there. Simply, many already know how to act in such cases. We will write for those who do not yet know.

So, a furuncle appeared on the pope. Maybe not you, but your children, relatives and friends. Now you can provide both psychological and medical assistance. Moral support is that you can reassure the victim in such an unusual way or calm yourself. As for medical care, you will need to see a doctor first. And continuing reading, you will learn how you can cure a suddenly appeared furuncle on the priest of the house.

Nothing terrible happened. Even if furuncles or, as they are also called Chirac, several in humans, a process called furunculosis, it is quite successfully healed. A furuncle on the pope or on any other part of the body is a purulent inflammation of the hair follicle located in the thickness of the skin. Why do they appear? Basically, due to bacterial infection, developed against a background of weakened immunity.

Usually it all starts with itching, then the skin ina certain place blushes, a swelling appears, which in turn forms into a painful tubercle. An abscess appears in the center of this tubercle. Here and there is a furuncle on the priest. If there is weakness in this, the head hurts, the temperature rises, then you need to forget about self-treatment and immediately go to the doctor.

The treatment itself is good and oftenhome conditions. Our grandmothers did not consider this pathology a serious disease. Everyone in the house had flowers of scarlet, and also banks with ointment Vishnevsky, ointment Ihtiolovoj. Honestly, if you are faced with such a problem as a furuncle on the pope, the treatment just means the above mentioned means. It is Vishnevsky's ointment, most likely, the surgeon will appoint even if he opens the abscess. It is possible that he (the surgeon) will recommend aloe.

In fact, the emerged boil in mostof cases will pass by itself, even if you do not do anything to treat it. But, firstly, the ointment well draws pus and the root of the boil. Secondly, such ointments contribute to the healing of the emerging wound. The same can be said about the treatment with the help of the aloe flower. So, in spite of the fact that pathology often passes without active intervention from the side, in our case it is still a furuncle on the pope, which of course forces us to pay attention to it, and this is the third reason for its treatment.

And it can appear at any age. But people are elderly, as well as obese, more exposed to this problem. In the same risk group, it is possible to bring HIV-infected people and in general people with weakened immunity. Often a boil on the pope and legs appears in children, adolescents. The cause is hypothermia.

Furuncle as treated at home

Such treatment is possible at the initial stage of the process:

  • The skin in the place of appearance of the boil should be treated with medical alcohol.
  • A sterile tampon with Vishnevsky ointment is applied to the boil.
  • The tampon is fixed with several stripsadhesive plaster. Ideally, you need two strips if the bandage is done at night. In the daytime, so that the victim can move normally, the tampon can be fixed and several strips of adhesive plaster.

The bandage should be changed several times a day, byat least two, three times. After the breakthrough of the abscess, it is additionally recommended to lubricate the affected area with Levomecol. It is an ointment that contains antibiotics. To process a furuncle, which has already broken through the skin, is better than hydrogen peroxide. This can be done with a disposable or reusable syringe, a pipette moistened with a gauze swab in the solution.

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