If the ears hurt, how to treat and what are the causes?

hurt ears how to heal

Pain in the ears are different: pulsating and constant. Moreover, there are many different reasons for the appearance of such sensations: infection, atmospheric pressure, trauma, furuncle, external otitis, etc. Some diseases are fraught with not only discomfort in the ears, but also other manifestations. For a cold, for example, when the nose lays, pain in the right ear or left intensifies. In addition, there are injuries and injuries. All this must be treated, but how?

My ears hurt. How to treat if the diagnosis is dermatitis

One of the ear diseases can be called dermatitis,which appears due to small injuries, pus, eczema. It is treated every day with ether or alcohol. In order not to torment the itch, it is necessary to powder the wound with talc or zinc oxide. A crust is first removed with sunflower oil, then the affected area is treated with prednisolone ointment.

My ears hurt. How to treat if the diagnosis is furunculosis

pain in the right ear

On the skin of a man there are always staphylococci,causing such a disease as furunculosis. Bacteria get through the cracks. Therefore, when otitis, the area around the ear should be smeared with petroleum jelly, menthol ointment or baby cream. But you can not wash your head and water this place. It is also forbidden to deeply insert the cotton wool into the ear. It is necessary to make short quartz. And also put a bandage with zinc ointment and cauterize the cracks in the ear passage with bluish. Inside it is necessary to take brewer's yeast. At the same time, you should make a warming compress from 2 tablespoons of Bohr liquid to a glass of water or from lead water in half with alcohol. At the same time on the auditory passage put the cotton wool with menthol for half an hour. Repeat this procedure twice a day. You can also warm your ear with the "Ugolyok" device with blue light up to three times a day.

My ears hurt. How to treat if the diagnosis is perichondritis and subsequent complications

In case of injuries of the auricle in the ear can getPseudomonas aeruginosa. It causes such a disease as perichondritis. In this case, only antibiotic treatment is required. These are preparations "Piocyanin", "Sanazin". Also the lotions are made of Burovka liquid. You can lubricate your ear with iodine. It is necessary to do UHF or ultraviolet irradiation. But it also happens that taking antibiotics causes dysbiosis, forming molds on the walls of the external auditory canal with otomycosis. This disease manifests itself in allergies or metabolic disorders, followed by hormonal failure, and also because of dirty work. Otomycosis is treated with antifungal drugs, such as Nystatin, Nitrofungin. Also, the ear is treated with hydrogen peroxide and nystatin ointment. Antihistamines "Dimedrol" and "Suprastin" are used.

sore ear and temperature

My ears hurt. How to treat if the diagnosis is otitis

This disease manifests itself for the most partnot as an independent phenomenon, but as a complication in the flu or cold. Therefore, if the ear hurts and the temperature is raised, then the diagnosis is most likely to be otitis media. With such diseases, one must first cure a runny nose, using vasoconstrictive drops in the nose. And then put half-alcohol compresses (camphor or vodka) on the ear, and cover it with polyethylene, then with a layer of cotton wool and put on a woolen shawl for several hours. You can also drip into the ear a drop of 3% boric acid, a solution of the drug "Levomycetin" or "Furatsilin." At home, tie the ear with a scarf made of natural wool, for example, a goat, a camel or a sheep. If the otitis lasted, then stop the inflammation by means of "Ampicillin", "Ampiox," "Tetracycline."

But remember, self-treatment is dangerous for your health! Before using any medications, consult a doctor!

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