Furuncle Treatment In Home Conditions - external and internal

The appearance of boils, carbuncles and ulcers -this is a manifestation of infectious skin diseases that arise as a result of a deep bacterial infection occurring in the dermal hair follicles. Bacteria that provoke the appearance of such unpleasant skin defects are found in areas that are prone to permanent friction or covered with stiff hairs. This neck, buttocks and crotches, elbows and knees.

Usually in the place of origin of the boil, firstthere is a painful red nodule that increases in size in a few days, then its tip softens and pus is released from there. If furuncles are not treated at home, this can lead to complications. In difficult cases, it is possible to spread the infection to the brain envelope with the subsequent development of purulent meningitis. If boils often appear in you, in this case, you need to see a doctor and check the blood sugar, since such symptoms usually indicate the patient has diabetes.

Cure a boil at home usuallynot difficult. Even without treatment in the normal course of the disease, it usually heals less than a week. However, if he does not "mature" in a few days, you should see a doctor to open the boil and remove the pus. You also need to see a doctor if several furuncles have appeared at the same time, or if the boil has formed in a particularly uncomfortable place and causes severe pain.

While treating furuncle at home,it should be remembered that staphylococcus a bacterium that causes this disease when ingested can have increased resistance to drugs and this creates a risk of relapse. Staphylococcus also carries the potential danger of spreading the infection, so treatment should be carried out not only external, but also internal.

External treatment of a furuncle at home shouldproduce, using hot wet compresses. This stimulates the flow of blood to the site of injury and promotes the fastest formation of the head, which leads to self-draining. Local heating of the affected area due to the softening of its surface prevents the formation of scabs on the skin, thus blocking the spread of the infection. You can do wet compresses with a washcloth, soaked in very hot water. This should be done 3-6 times a day for 10-15 minutes.

While treating furuncle at home,you can use hot bags with black tea. A bag holds heat for a long time, and black tea contains tannic acid. Good help to treat poultices from plantain. Freshly planted plantain has a powerful pulling force. You can treat with a burdock. To do this, for two glasses of hot water, add four spoons of burdock root and leave for 20 minutes. Hot broth should be applied to the affected area.

Internal treatment of boils at homespend for the purification of blood from staphylococcus. This is very important if there have been relapses of the disease. For the treatment of staphylococcal infections, bitter orange oil is used. This oil can remove boils that do not succumb to even antibiotics. You should mix four drops of butter and a half cup of orange juice and take three times a day. This remedy should be used until all symptoms are eliminated and 2-3 days after. For a complete cure, about seven grams of oil is enough, but in case of relapses or chronic illness, three times more may be needed.

Be especially careful with selftreatment of boils. If you have a relapse of the disease, or it does not go away within 3-7 days, or if you have additional unpleasant symptoms, you should always seek medical help from a doctor.

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